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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by squawkers7, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Inside each general classification of people (Muslims, Christians,
    Jews, Convervatives, Liberals) there are small groups of extremists
    and larger groups non-extremists.

    There are many types of anarchists. Anarcho-communists,
    anarcho-capitalists, voluntarists,...

    The people that garner the headlines are the anarcho-communists and
    other leftists that generate the negative image with their exploits,
    bomb throwing, and their complete disrespect for private property
    rights. Just as the radical Muslims generate the headlines. Most of
    the billion Muslims are average folks.

    Most of the many anarchists that I know are the "good" anarchists who
    fall under this definition.

    1 : a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to
    be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on
    voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups

    This is where many religious conservatives groups would like to see
    the government go to, reduce the government dependency in favor of
    the voluntary charities and church organizations.

    Most of these people are in the closet due to the negative image the
    media gives to anarchism. I don't blame them. I wouldn't want to be
    associated with the extremists either.

    I expect many people would accept anarchism if it was feasible. If
    everyone was good, charitable, non-envious of their neighbor's
    property then there would be no need for government. We aren't there.
    We probably will never be there. We can't get rid of government,
    but its role should be small,
    well-defined, and limited. Governments role ought to be the
    protection of our rights from those that try to infringe on our
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    quote: We aren't there. We probably will never be there.

    We definitely will never be there.
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    too many selfish, fucked up assholes roaming the earth, i think.

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