Class #2) Cultivating Inexpensive Interests & Cheap Hobbies

Discussion in 'Independent Living' started by Libertine, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Libertine

    Libertine Guru of Hedonopia

    Welcome back...

    Been away, but now I'm back.

    Ok, right in the meat of the matter here: The first class was about GETTING OUT OF DEBT.

    This one deals with something that will help you do this.

    Cultivate cheap interests and hobbies. In our fast-paced, commercial-driven society, we believe that we have to HAVE everything. This is THE GOAL of Corporate America and CONSUMER CAPITALISM. It is a system that is built entirely on GREED, CONSUMPTION, AND APPETITE.

    Frankly, by making a list and evaluating things you can determine what you truly need and what you want to keep that makes you happy.

    For instance, you may realize that you don't NEED a gas-guzzling SUV, but you'd like to keep your iPod. Your iPod has tunes, information and it makes you happy. Your SUV is just there for whatever status or because you have fooled yourself into thinking that you need that large vehicle.

    If you're a family of four or more, you can by a smaller vehicle and still have room. Trust me. I have a family of four and I drive a VW Beetle. Oh yeah, and it IS the family car.

    So, make a list. What do you REALLY use that can't be replaced or replicated with something less expensive or even at all? You may want to keep your DVD player and chuck the cable tv. After all, cable tv is just a racket for this f'd up society anyhow.

    You may want to keep the internet (I do), because it provides a WEALTH of value to my life by information and education, as well as pleasure (i.e. here!).

    So, make that list and check it twice. Eliminate some junk and cash in on some assets.

    SECONDLY, try some cheap hobbies.

    Take up hiking, walking, basketball, etc.
    Read books.
    Play with the kids more often.
    Take up a craft (learn to sew).
    Plant a small garden.
    Start a club.
    Draw or paint.
    Learn to tie-dye.
    Learn a musical instrument.

    There are PLENTY of cheap and FREE activities.

    THIRDLY, involve yourself with others.

    We spend way too much time behind the tv or net. Host MORE cook-outs. Gather a group to go fishing. Invite people over and play games.


    Experiment with a variety of interests. See what you like.

    Also, if you make under a certain amount of money (whether you work or not) you can apply for a food card (i.e. stamps) and get your entire family covered by Medicaid. Now, you may think this is immoral and wrong, or you may not need these things, but THEY ARE THERE for a reason -- POOR PEOPLE WHO MAKE A CERTAIN PALTRY AMOUNT OF EARNINGS.

    Do what you can to survive in a legal and safe way. After all, what's more important "pride" or survival?

    However, if you do this, I'd recommend doing some community work or volunteer work to balance the karmic scale and give back a little too. ;)

    Until next time.....

    These things should help you on your way to LIVE INDEPENDENTLY.
  2. This class is great!
    I look forward to seeing more great lessons like this one.
    This kind of knowledge is good for anyone. Even people who arent going for an all out Independant lifestyle.
  3. Celtic Hippie

    Celtic Hippie Member

    Yah this is a really good class,
    now I just have remeber it!
  4. hmmm I dont know. It seems that with these methods we are still dependant on the system, just not property of it. we can do what we can to get by without material needs, but if we rely on tax money to pay for our food and medical care were still trapped ourselves and making the system stronger... Too drop out completely would require more personal sacrifice than most people accustomed to crooked systems way of life are willing to make... sure you can convince yourself to get by without the cable or gas guzzler, but what about avoiding mass produced and corporate products and services... If were still here, typing away at a keyboard trying to explain how to escape from this consumerist world, were still trapped by it, wich just might explain why there was never a class 3 :) through my eyes the only way out that i can see is all or nothing, im still trapped and more likely than not, if your reading this on your mass produced monitor, you are too
  5. hippybum

    hippybum Member

    Hey! I am really looking forward to the rest of this class. I am leaving for my journey/getting of the grid on August 13th! I am so excited! Me and my girlfriend are really DOING it, so any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. This is a great cless to learn and teach.
    How to survive by yourself?
    great idea!
    but what do you mean, justice windsong, you are tied up with the system if you are a consumer? what's wrong with the system?
    anyway, I need my suv, large 3 bedroom appt (well, larger than my old one at least) and lots of food. I have eight kids :<)
    we do well without gameboys/psp/ipods/tv/dvd etc. we LOVE the internet, we play games like "memory", checkers, chess, and marbles. we go visiting places when it's free (for example, we go to the bronx zoo on wednsdays etc.) we play in the sprinklers in the park when it's hot, and we visit family. we ask the grocer to give us the day old bread (it's dellicious and free)
    Now, if I'd want to be ALONE and live INDEPENDENTLY, I would live in my car for a few years or share a cheap apartment, work as many hours as I can a day, get as much government help as I can, eat as little as possible UNTIL I can afford to buy my own place. THEN I will finally live independently :) like this lesson?
  7. AdreSac

    AdreSac Member

    ey, what happened to the next class?
  8. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Member

    You have 8 kids and you're only 21? :eek:
  9. peaceman7000

    peaceman7000 Member

    Is class #3 coming soon? I like what I've read so far but when I drop out of society for real Im gonna need to know a hell of a lot more.
  10. HushBull

    HushBull Insuperior

  11. ninfan77

    ninfan77 Member

    I feared the teacher is off the grid :p
  12. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    for cheap hobbies (well depends on your idea of cheap)

    Jigsaw puzzles...almost every thrift store I have been in has cheap puzzles.
    Board games...can also be found at alot of thrift shops. Instead of playing online games, invite the neighbors over for a weekly game night.

    Sew~find new ways to reuse old worn-out jeans...turn them into quilts, purses, skirts pillows, quilted photo frames.
    Save your kids favorite T-shirts...if they have any type of logo or picture on them. Use the logo or picture on quilt blocks....10-20 yrs from now, it will still be their favorite blankie.

    Knit/Crotchet..learn if you don't know how & make lots of hats, scarves, mittens or afghans to sell at craft fairs that are sure to pop-up everywhere for christmas sales.

    Join a local history club or book club in your area. If there is no club in your area....then start one.
    Volunteer at school library.

    Learn to cook differently...maybe make a solar oven, outdoor dutch oven, or just do all the cooking for a week/month on a woodstove or campfire....grow a fresh herb garden too.
  13. Gripp

    Gripp Member

    I would like a class that teaches you how to live underground.

    I am 18 and have been a teen outcast my whole life. I move out in less than a month. Having decided that society sucks cock, I am choosing an underground life. No identification papers, no taxes, no slavery.

    Here is my plan...

    I am going to move to New Orleans. Why? The city (as far as I know) and its suburbs still have several places devasted from Katrina and yearly hurricanes. What does this mean for me? Free housing, hundreds of houses to squat in which I can just pick and choose from. Also, in New Orleans, it tends to stay fairly warm all year.

    Besides my buddies $40,000 (he is coming with me). I plan on guerilla growing. I hope to find plenty of little spots where I can grow. I hope to find several swamp areas. Swamp areas have rich soil and have a ton of water. So I can just plant the seeds and really do not have to much maintanance. Or that is the plan at least haha...
    If I get lucky, my first crop will will bring in about 15 pounds. A pound where I live now goes for about $3,000 - $5,000. 3k times 15 = $45,000 untaxed. Once I have experiance, the next crop should bring in twice the load, hopefully over 30 pounds. And considering I am not going to grow mersh, I should be able to sell each pound for well over $3,000. My goal would be over a $120,000 income.

    Dumpster diving until my income comes in. Having worked at a big corporate grocery store, I have seen first hand the mindless wasting of perfectly fresh food. Food, being thrown out, because of a number on the label.
    Once I am racking in over 50k a year, I just plan on eating the finest food in New Orleans everyday.

    Just one rule: Don't get caught.

    My best freind wants me to then move in with him when he goes to college in California (my home state). Hopefully, I will have a ton of money and will just surf all day.
  14. squawkers7

    squawkers7 radical rebel

    Found this on 1 of many sites about NOLA

    If there’s drugs, there’s crime, if there’s crime, there’s drugs, they go hand in hand

    According to New Orleans police records, there have been more than 1,400 trespassing arrests so far this year, ranking it the city's fourth most common crime.

    Not only that, but some people have been getting deathly sick by staying in building that were ruined during Katrina
  15. Gripp

    Gripp Member

    yea like i said. just one rule... lol dont get caught

    but, hmmmmm. perhaps its the fungus in the walls? heard fungus spores can be deadly. something to think about, ty.
  16. Mgmlovespeace

    Mgmlovespeace Member

    wow i really love this class i'm still thinking of ways of income
  17. bcsher

    bcsher Member

    There are lots of free activities in many communities, especially for families. My family has a calendar up with weekly free activities I found on the net. When wondering 'what to do today' we look there if we're feeling like being out and about but don't have plans with friends, or do, but aren't sure what to do.
  18. tiedyeponcho

    tiedyeponcho Member

    when r u posting again?
  19. Vana

    Vana Member

    Yep, mold probably. Houses drenched from all the shit that went down there? You're taking your life in your hands, unless you find a place in New Orleans with good ventilation. Even that won't help, really. Mold can be terrible.

    Everything else about your plan seems sound, except your income idea. Stupid beyond fucking belief. Good luck.
  20. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    I got this one down pat.

    1) Own a Library card!-- Many libraries here have DVD's and VHS tapes you can rent IF you're somewhere with power, or if you're vanning it, as I plan to do, I'm going to replace my cassette player with a CD player for when I'm on the road! If no power-get books on self-sufficient living-wild foods etc.

    2) I knit, sew, crochet, do embroidery, macrame` and beading.

    3) Shop at thrift stores for books and hobby supplies (and gear for your "escape" from society)

    4) Income: Hopefully from hobbies, but I am the sort who can usually get a short term job doing anything that doesn't require brute strength. (ie; gardening, dishwashing, house-cleaning, dog walking, farm care-you get the idea)

    5) Shelter/Work Space: My van.

    6) Plan Ahead: Make lists of everything you plan to take. Gear, Food, Clothes, and whatever you need to provide income.


    P.S. Hey Libertine, come back and teach:prettyplease:

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