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  1. HI Kenny,
    Yes of course I remember you !
    Bonnie just had such a wonderful time visiting you and Rita ! That is super great !
    I was inspired cause Joshua tree is a place I would love to visit. My friend Lazer is often there. Plus I used to have a roommate 16 yrs. ago up here in Oly. Wa. who moved to where you are . She told me she opened up a restaurant there and was doing real good with it. I believe her name was Stacie, not remembering her name, that absolutely.
    Anyway thank you for taking such good care of Bonnie.
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  2. I did not know Prescott burned up.
    Glad to know Rita got out of there before.
    Sorry about another passing of loved family member.
    Pray all his loved ones showed up, and he left knowing how much everyone cares for him.
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  3. shameless_heifer

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    I hate to bring you all this news.. Our beloved founder Spacy Stacy has left the building, he is now soaring the heavens exploring new worlds. Watch over us Steve.. we are humbled by your grace.
  4. Aerianne

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    Sorry to hear this.
  5. dopahontas

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    definitely a Jack Mormon
  6. Scorpio Kenny

    Scorpio Kenny Church of the Good Earth - ArchBishop

    Hi y'all
    Just checking in. Hope you're all doing fine.
    Who the heck is Jack Mormon?
    You lost me there. LOL

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