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    Is the most amazing composer, at least for piano. Ever since I heard Fantasie-Impromptu, I can't get over how beautiful all his songs are. It's too bad not enough musicians today can't do what great composers used to do.
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    he's pretty awesome
  3. Meretrix

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  5. Meretrix

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  6. Mr.Writer

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    when i first heard chopin i was like maybe 14

    made me want to learn how to play the piano

    and i did

    and now i can play some chopin :D

    if you like chopin though check out Franz Liszt. They were good friends, and liszt can be as mesmerizing, but has his own unique style. More virtuoustic and experimental, though still sometimes just simple, hauntingly beautiful melodies.

    my favorite pieces from chopin are his nocturnes, ballades, and polonaises.
  7. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    Some day I will learn how to play piano...

    And thank you very much for showing me Franz Liszt, he is quite amazing. I particularly like Liebestraum.

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