Chilled out in London...?!

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by shrimpgirl, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    i'm desperately looking for chilled out places in london :(
    everything is so expensive or like huge hardcore parties, i can't find any smaller chilled out places to have good music, good pot and cheap drinks
    -anybody got any good spots in london??

  2. Koolaid

    Koolaid Member

    For clubbing go to the Peoples Republic of Disco...You take two tracks of your own and they mix everyones in over the evening....and is just a quality place...

    Also do lots of benefit nights..
  3. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    huh... guess there aren't that many places after all hehe

  4. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    oh, btw thanks koolaid, haven't gone to check it out yet but i had a look at their website and it does look like a good time :) (awsome idea! - surprised there aren't more of them)

  5. the_sweet

    the_sweet Member

  6. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member

    i hate how threads die so quickly here these days.... not like they used to be
  7. _see_

    _see_ Member

    hey maybe this will help, i use it when we're stuck for places to go

    you can put in a postcode and all the venues/bars/pubs/clubs in that area will come up, i know of quite a few tha tyou're describing but i cant for the life of me remember the names, i will have a look and let you know though
  8. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    you know theres a place in clapham north called "cafe cairo" i've never been there but i know people who have and have told me its a really chilled place, they sell morrocan tea and you can smoke your ganja in there too.....i dont know if its true but i heard its a bit expensive, i dont really know i guess i'd have to find out by myself

    there are many cool places around this area, you should definitely check it out! ;)
  9. _see_

    _see_ Member

    yeah man that place rocks

    my bro took me there once

    you can smoke weed there, the drinks arent too expensive, couldnt tell you about the food though, didnt try any
  10. where abouts in london are you from hun? -x-
  11. come and hang out with me...
    hehe... :)
  12. shrimpgirl

    shrimpgirl Member


    living in hackney next year, not in london til september
    but sure :)
    until then -peace
  13. Jim

    Jim Senior Member

    I've heard about that Heavy Load club a while back, but never got to check it out... I think i'll have to when it starts up again! :H

    When a club night is named after a Free song, I have to find out what that shit is all about!
  14. _see_

    _see_ Member

    i havent heard about that club

    where abouts is it?
  15. Jim

    Jim Senior Member


    I might have to make an appearance and strut my stuff there sometime. :H
  16. _see_

    _see_ Member

    oh god!:) i think i may join you! that looks quite cool!

    cheers for the tip hun

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