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Discussion in 'Music' started by LanSLIde, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. LanSLIde

    LanSLIde Member

    Thought it'd be cool to include a thread where we can share some really cool guitar instrumental pieces. I typically prefer acoustic-amped, but anything goes.

    Here's a few I picked out

    (this one got me started looking around a bit more, fav so far, but his other stuff that I found was mostly pop music)

    This one's a howie day solo piece. You'll enjoy it more if you ignore any of his other stuff that you may have heard (unless you like it). He uses a system of step pedals to record and loop parts of the song as he goes (including some vocals as well as guitar taps as his 'drumset'), so he can copy background chords in the beginning and the song gets progressively complicated as he goes along. 3:34 and on is my favorite part. Has a pretty ethereal feel to it, used to play it passing around the hookah hose.

    That's another song played the same way, but a much different feel; he has to record a few more effects starting it, but it comes together well

    Thought it's somewhat outside of the topic, I reccomend to everyone a little John Butler Trio

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  3. LanSLIde

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    Solid pick, I wish I was more versed in my Hendrix listening. 'Gree though, definitely chill, especially for what I know of his style. Hey Joe is definitely some chill stuff as well.

    Definitely, could pick up some tricks watching him too; some awesome skill to task himself at music like that
    Just watched the africa cover too, I'll have to check his page out in the morning
  4. jaren420

    jaren420 Member

    ya i was wondering if someone would mention Andy Mckee. hes very talented
  5. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

  6. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

  7. killuminati

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  8. LanSLIde

    LanSLIde Member

    Great man will do

    still looking through all of them lol
  9. RandomOne

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  10. killuminati

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    listening to Jimi improvise is the most humbling experience a guitarist can have.
    I'm going to do you all a favor and post some peak Jimi Hendrix. the best Jimi is not the popular stuff, it's the obscure things you've never heard of.

    Villanova Junction at blues ever + audio

    PALI GAP. if you have to click one of the links, make it this one. best instrumental ever?

    Valleys of Neptune (guitar track). just fucking crazy, everything about it. at times it sounds like there's 3 men playing.

    New Rising Sun live at Maui. not exactly instrumental but close enough and too good to pass up.

    you may as well lock this thread because nobody can top that:)
  11. wonka816

    wonka816 Oh Davey

    youtube videos arent playing with sound for me right now but most stuff by jeff beck is incredible guitar and incredibly chill...i love to listen to it when im working on long projects and stuff, its very calming.

    search for the pump, or people get ready...they are pretty awesome. if you google "the best of beck" and then just search youtube for some of those songs its a nice place to start.
  12. killuminati

    killuminati Member

    ^ sorry you see it that way :(

    Jeff Beck +1

    Norman Brown is also worth checking out, and of course John McLaughlin.

    again, listen to Pali Gap guys!

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