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Discussion in 'Action Movies' started by GoingHome, May 28, 2007.

  1. GoingHome

    GoingHome Further Within

    To the point, I've literally seen hundreds of movies. "The usual" just doesn't do it for me anymore. In fact bad acting/ shoddy script makes me ill!

    So...I was really amazed and surprised by the movie, "Children of Men". It had a few iffy points but overall was interesting and believable. The nihlistic attitude isn't *too* oppressive for my tastes (unlike the book) and the wacky, wiley, old hippy played by Michael Caine was very 'accessible' and funny.

    Has anyone else seen this movie. Did you get to see the great extra *bonus* features with philosophy professors tearing the film apart and riffin' on the details? Shouldn't EVERY good movie have this kind of 'study guide' included with it? This one talks about mass migration, "immigration", the police state, isolation of modern peoples, etc etc. Really first class.
  2. Valdis

    Valdis Member

    I've seen it. It was very engrossing but I wanted something more or different. I thought it would be about cloning or something given the title.

    I didn't like the "hero" dying at the end but the reverence for the baby was truly beautiful.

    I loved the old pot growing Dad. How DARE they kill the poor dog?

    It was an interesting movie indeed.
  3. MatthewShane

    MatthewShane Banned

    I thought it was depressing and jus horrible. Yet I am a huge fan of julianne moore and clive. Jus my opinion!
  4. lulla

    lulla Member

    2nd place of my top10 of 2006. :D But if seriously I was really expecting something depressing as MatthewShane said and waste of the time but huge mistake. Exactly my thoughts, GoingHome, I was surprised by how great morality and quite believable future vision there was. Positively enlightening. Recommended to see!
  5. noachian

    noachian Banned

    I saw this film and it has now moved to my current favorite film to watch, I think it was ingenius and even outbettered the book its self. I have watched on sky movies premire about three times this month and love it more everytime (it gives you time to notice things you have never noticed).

    I just love the grim apoclyptic mood which the scenes give. The characters are grafted to perfection and the religious theme behind the storyline makes it all the more my type.

    I am a big fan of apocalyptic films expecially ones which have a 'hope for mankind' type of plot, this film was a manifesto of media art. I enjoyed the propaganda in the background like: "To hide, give shelter or aid illegal immigrants is a crime"...I loved the scenario of the immigrants being peinalised by the government.

    ANother good fact about the film is that I noticed that the Monarchy stilled existed and in the book it no longer did.
  6. dollydagger

    dollydagger Needle to the Groove

    I loved this movie, as well as the book. IMO, the book and movie were nothing alike, therefore I could sit and enjoy both in their own right. I dont know if I would consider the book nihilistic as much as apathetic......
  7. GoingHome

    GoingHome Further Within

    I thought the book and movie were very different as well.

    The movie kinda just takes the basic idea of people no longer having kids and totally goes off in a new direction.

    Our hero does not visit the place where they drown the old people for instance.

    Michael Caines and Julianne Moore's characters doesn't make appearances, either.

    I thought the book was really drab and boring to be honest.

    I hate that in the movie they show the boat at the end...oh happy day! how obvious and optimistic.

    I wish momma and baby with dead Theo were just left floating in the ocean uncertain about what would happen next... <roll credits>

    Maybe. Maybe! I'd allow for the sound of the boat.
    But that's it!

    I like endings that let me use my own imagination.
  8. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    I love this film. I thought it was brilliant, grabbed my attention from the very start...Some of the shots are pretty cool too, they did a good job with the camera movement, shooting the scenes in such a realistic way.

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