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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by toastacidblocks, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. so the first time i did acid was two weeks ago or something on spring break, i did three hits (of green if that matters) and it started comming on really good, i was chilling with my friend just watching tv and i started having really "raw" thoughts about life and how the cartoons and shit we were watching just werent amusing casue ive seen that shit so much and its just normal know? anyways it was getting super good like everything was breathing and dancing and everything was Neon, (we were sitting with no lights on) it was around 12am. So i was sitting there just waiting to see where it would take me but my thoughts werent crazy and no "doors" were being opened, probably becasue ive done shrooms about 20 times before this and ive read soooo much about acid prior to this trip. so im tripping really hard and all of a sudden i "feel" my heart and everything connecting it and i can feel all of this energy around it and my soler plexus and at the time im so high it feels like i weigh 500lbs and im being pulled into the couch and im like tensing and shit... so then i start getting REALLY intense pains in my chest and the whoel time i was thinking i wasnt ready to trip this hard and i shoulda thought it out or shit like that.... the pains went away after a while (hour maybe, hour half) and im pretty sure it was anxiety, and the whole time i knew it was anxiety and i was trying to figure out how to get rid of it, eventually i slowly came out of the "hole".

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    Yep. As Leary said, any feelings of physical uncomfortableness/pain, is just the ego not wanting to be diminished. Resisting the effects and not just surrendering to LSD will make things worse and thus cause physical discomfort. Leary said the more you hold onto your ego and resist the effects ot acid, the stronger physical pain becomes. The uncomfortable feelings are accounted for as your ego holding on, not wanting to be dimished. When SWIM tripped, whenever something which scared him happened, he got nauseous. Your perceptions are so altered, fright or uncomfortableness could be percieved as a sick feeling or anything uncomfortable for that matter.
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    way back in the day i ate a quad of caps and it felt like liquid was poring out of my ears.
  4. i think i couldnt surrender even tho i knew i had to becasue of my friends presence, he wanted to keep watching guy, something else, family guy again... something else the same..... and i said i just wanted to lay back and listen to music
    he wouldnt go for it tho, and whenever i tried to explain a "deep" thought or realisation he wouldnt get it, his personality is kinda weird in a way too... ive also read alot about ego loss, that probablly contributed.
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    when i was trippin hard on shrooms, my back hurt soo bad, i had a bad trip, and like the back of my head felt Streached and like pretzeled, it hurt, but i was soo terrified, i wasnt thinkin of letting go, i felt terrible...i think with LSD it is easier to have good experiance.

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