Checking IDs in coffee shops?

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by Guest 44297, Jun 24, 2006.

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    Hi there,

    I am about to go to amsterdam in 2 days as a senior trip with 2 other friends from high school. they are both 18, and i am 17 (i turn 18 in a few months).

    I dont think i look that young, and ill be with 2 eighteen year olds. do you think it will be a problem? any tips?

  2. bigloui96

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    There have been countless threads on this before.
    In short you may get away with it in some places, however in a great majority of coffeeshops they do ID. I went for the first time at 18 and was reluctant to carry my passport around, however found it necessary because I got IDd in most coffeeshops I went it - and I was 6 foot with facial hair.
    Your best bet is to get your mates to buy some weed, then head over to a bar that is pot friendly, or vondelpark if its warm... or even your hotel room.
    There is also a moral dillemma here, if you get served at a coffeeshop, and the police are there, and the coffeeshop get caught out, they lose their liscence. The owners liveyhood is at stake.

    So yeah in short, chances are you will get IDd in most places.
  3. skizate

    skizate Member

    Well I got "carded" every time I stepped into a CS except Greenhouse (as we made that a "base" camp of sorts"

    If your from the states your State ID will not work haha..... I just carried my passport around with me.. and that was sufficent.

    Btw I am 22 but I look about 16 ;) lmao

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