Check this picture of google

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by dynamickid, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

  2. polya

    polya Member

    ahhahahahah "games to play when you are high" at the top
  3. 13.6 million hits lol
  4. I give it a 3/10
  5. does2

    does2 Member

    Points to anyone who knows who is responsible for this.
  6. Smokinjuana

    Smokinjuana Member

    Really bored
  7. thisisme5

    thisisme5 Herbal enthusiast

  8. does2

    does2 Member

    Nobody knows?
  9. dynamickid

    dynamickid Hemp Farmer

    ^^^i looked it up and uploaded it to my digg account and stash box!! i was super stoned that night. obviously no one has dugg it though.... :(

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