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    we're all in bits and pieces now
    our spirits broken in to thousand parts
    spread upon an endless sky
    ready to burst the day we day

    air and thought, slindering slowly
    long a dreadfull path of decision and awareness
    the soulfull cheat degrees my words
    softly spoken yet unheard

    oh my dearest of loves, do not depart
    the comfort is soft and the truth is hard
    but i knew you from the start
    and your choice it comes and goes, like bullets in the night

    over dread and sorrow, rain and storm
    holds me lightly carve my bones
    the name that holds a million homes
    the warmth's inside, the storm out loud

    and though it's all been shattered, some gather sickly
    dogmatised by order they shape in silence
    hiding from brokenness, maiming in sight
    the sky it is breaking the night's approucing loud
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    I don't know if you mind anyone judging your poems, but I really liked yours. It blew me away. such writing skills you have! Very nice job. But can I ask you what it means to you? I know a poet's purpose for their work is sometimes quite sensitive, so if you'd rather not share, I understand.
  3. Tamapoulialamafoa

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    thank u, at least someone replied

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