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Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by indeedly, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. indeedly

    indeedly Member

    Well, I am pretty new to NJ and new to this site as well. Long story short, I was living in NC as a poor college kid, when my dad here in NJ offered me a place to live for free and get on my feet again. I am doing just that, except now I would like to find a place to live with some of my peers. Originally, I was just looking for a room to move into, but then a moment of realization hit me! My question to anyone reading....
    Would you like to move into a new place with me and whomever else (depending on house size etc...) and split the costs equally? I am looking for a place preferabbly in Monmouth County, close to the shore would be nice. (also, I am trying to keep it in the budget, and looking to spend no more than $600/month) There are a lot of if/and/buts to work out, but if anyone is atleast the slightest interested, please let me know! Even if you are not interested in finding a place together, I'm am always down to meet new, like-minded people!
    Love n' light
  2. Faye

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    Wow! Small world! I live in Monmouth County loud and proud. I am living as a poor college student too. Iam living at home and I live at school during the year so I can't really help you there. But I mean if you ever wanna meet up and chill that would rock. And I know that there is cheap apartment complex near me and there are young cats at the local college who are always looking for roomates my suggestion would be head over there and ask to put up some ads or something you could also but an ad in the paper. I don't know about you but in central NJ I get so lonely sometimes and I am just looking to make more friends I need more kindered spirts in my life and it sounds like you do too.
    Colleen aka,faye
  3. lovejah

    lovejah Member

    hey ladies and gents,
    hit me up I'm in central jersey, and lovin it.
  4. WoodRat

    WoodRat Banned

    Very small...
    I live in belford middletown,
    in monmouth county.
    Good'ole jersey.

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