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Discussion in 'Humor' started by SairaxxBolumite, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. anybody got any celebrity jokes?

    What do you call it when Taylor Swift kicks someone in the butt?
    a swift kick in the ass
  2. idk if this is a celebrity. but..

    why does helen keller masturbate with one hand? so she can moan with the other.
  3. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    Winona Ryder
    Courtney Cox
  4. easygoing

    easygoing conservative jerk

    What's O.J.Simpson's internet address? - Slash Slash Backslash Slash Slash Escape
  5. easygoing

    easygoing conservative jerk

    What's got 400 legs and no pubic hair? - The front row of a Justin Bieber concert.
  6. _zero_

    _zero_ Newbie

    Why didn't Lindsay Lohan have to go in for her annual gynecologist exam this summer? Her doctor told her that he had already examined her over the internet.
  7. Thedawg

    Thedawg Member

    What has 100 legs and an IQ of 50?
    The first row at a Toby Keith concert
  8. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    ellen degenerous died.. they found her face up in ricky lake..

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