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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by gringo_in_caribbean0, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. howdy folks.

    i havent posted here in ages but just thought id get the word out that we have yet another piece of land on the south west corner of the island in Cabo Rojo only 5.5 acres but only 1/8th of a mile from the end of the road where there is a lovely beach and a state park that was abondoned due to lack of funds in the Department of natural resources. with this spot we plan of opening our doors to anybody not just parents with children. so all of you peeps without children now have an option in the caribbean. the place needs work and lots of it but could be one of the most enjoyable things you do in this life. spend days fishing sunning beaching and of course some work .

    anyways in past posts peopel complained about our rules of children required. well thats not the case on this property.

    with this land we will have 4 small communities all in different ares with different oppertunities. this location is great for fishing the other day i caught 16 mangrove snappers in about 2 hours plus a 90lb Tarpon. great fun to catch. the tarpon was released but the fish go to our communities to be used as food and when we have more than we need we give them to needy families in the local area.

    incase your intrested in the other properties. the aguadilla land on the old army base is basically empty now. up at the entrance to the road they built a HOTEL and the added traffic and turists is just a hassel.

    the Sabana Grande spot is still great place mostly we just fish the fresh water river and collect shrimp and sell those to locals to eat. and pan for gold out of the river here for money that we have been using to buy other properties and needed items.

    then the penuelaues property we cleaned it up and found a bunch of bannana trees on the side of a mountian there the land is used but the terraine is ruff. although by far the best views i have ever seen. from the mountian top you can see the caribbean sea. local area has waterfalls all over the place and nice cool air year round.

    anyways thats aboput it for an update and invite so anybody intrested send a message and we can talk.
  2. oldwolf

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    So wondrous
    T'is funny how in the midst of Doing you see other things that you would like as well to do
    Blessings and joy for your doings and growth

    Enjoy !
  3. Antpower

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    It seems so unfair that people would complain about a rule of children required, since almost all communes are so anti-children. I would think there would be a lot of interest in a children required community, if you let people know about it. People don't like to "support" other people's children, so that makes most communes unfriendly towards people with children. I can see why people with children would want a place without the discrimination.

    I would like to talk to you about these communities.

  4. yeah tony what you said is true and also many of us with children are a little more settled down in our ways and actions than young single people that havent a care in the world or others lives depending on them.

    the biggest probelm we have down here is weekenders or short timers. from the time they arrive you tell who is going to end up here for awhile and who was just looking for a free vacation. our location tends to draw more freeloaders than i was expect a place up in canada or other cold climate area.
  5. Gyva02

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    Pm's sent... is your computer up and running? Hope to talk to ya soon...

  6. hey gyva my pms never load if you like send me emails i havent been online in a few weeks but tonight when i logged on the little message screen poped up about the pms but like always that page never loads. so email is best route i believe.
  7. purple-moss

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    cant you just click "private messages " in the upper left hand corner to accesses your PMs....?
  8. Gyva02

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    Ok, can I get your email address... thanks!

  9. lemming_eater

    lemming_eater Member

    I'm going to be in Africa for a while, but after a couple of years I'll be back...can you email me so I have a way to contact you when I return?
  10. Antpower

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    I remember you (gringo_in_caribbean0) mentioning having difficulty with salty soil, not being able to grow watermelons. Here's a video you might find interesting. I think it's about 1.5 meg.

    They are actually talking about desert salty soil, but some of it is probably relavent.

  11. The manticore

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  12. Gyva02

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  13. Xxo_Sway_oxX

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    Okay, I have a few questions. I've been searching frantically for a commune because I am very serious about it. I would like to know everything about this place. You described the setting but I need more information than that. For instance: Where is the exact location?
    I would like to know everything you can tell me about the climate (I know you said that it's cool air all year 'round, but it most change during some season), insects and what-not, the people, where everyone lives and sleeps, the food, the work, finance (however that works)....I'd just like a full description on the place so that you could paint the picture for me in my head because this is a place I would be considering to live in, therefore; it's important to know every bit of information, the same way as if you're buying a house.
    I'm an eighteen year old girl with no children, and I may bring someone along with me if I decide to go. Do we have any communication with the outside world? Telephone or post?
    Now comes my last question: How would I get there?
    Thank you for your help.

    Peace and love,

    P.S Do you think perhaps you could send me pictures of the place? That would be of much help.
  14. my.ark.4

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    I hate to dig up an old post, but this really interested me. I'm almost 17 and I'm thinking about what I will do after high school. I'm not quite sure as of now, but i know i need to find something radically different, and a commune like yours really interests me. I'm a hard worker and no stranger to the outdoors as well as a fast learner. I'm wondering if you get many people who come into your commune alone seeking friends, as opposed to bringing them with them. Do you live in separate households or more communally. Also what is the approximate population of the commune?
  15. badmilk

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    ark and sway almost took the exact words out of my mouth! more information would be wonderful! thanks so much :)

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