Car Accident & Bamboo

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by funkadelix, Feb 12, 2009.

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    I had this dream last night. I'll copy the description from my dream journal, then give a little background information. Any of you lovelies willing to share your interpretation with me?

    I was at my cottage on the beach. It wasn't quite raining, but the weather was more than overcast and cold. It was late afternoon or early evening, but the clouds were so dark, that it seemed later. I imagine a storm was brewing. I was leaving a party at someone else's cottage and getting into my car (a green Ford Taurus). As I drove down the hill, there were two cars parked ahead of me. The owners of the cars were inside their houses. I braked real hard. There was a strained, screeching noise, and then I collided with both cars, causing a severe three-car accident. I began to cry. Everyone (the partygoers and the owners of said vehicles) consoled me and said it was alright. One of the cars was a red hybrid. The other car was a darker color, perhaps blue or black.

    Then the dream changed scenes. I was looking at my potted bamboo plant. It had grown immensely and was continuing to grow. It was almost overgrown. The thought of planting the bamboo plant outside occurred to me.​

    I do drive a green Ford Taurus. I've never been in a car accident and do not fear it either. I do own a small, potted bamboo plant. Also, my family does own a cottage on the beach. If you have any questions, ask away.

  2. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    Dont plant the bamboo plant outside if it isnt contained.

    It will take over.

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