Capitalism sells the revolucion as a teeshirt

Discussion in 'Anarchy' started by Dr Phibes, May 29, 2006.

  1. Dr Phibes

    Dr Phibes Banned

    If revolucion is merely a propoganda excersise that means it requires a media.
    CD - disk, television, book, teeshirt, etc etc
    thats expensive stuff to a fruitpicker in Chile - you think a starving farmer eats your words? no its bourgois childs play !
    we will not win a war of propoganda because whatever you say, capitalism expands and incorporates your opposition in the name of free speech - it makes rebellion cool - faddish even, and sells it back as a teeshirt so you can look cool at the disco.
    But if you're not into free thinking and just want a history lesson, or like being the history teacher, this aint the thread for you
    give me some anarchist thoughts of your own

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