Can't seem to leave the verbal abuse behind

Discussion in 'People' started by Jedi, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Someone get Spinner's pathetic ass in here to take a nice long look at someone with real problems. I don't know what to say, Amerian kids blow (I was one not long ago, and they suck), what can I say? I guess the thing you have to realize is that you're not a teenager anymore, and adults are a lot more accepting of other ethnic groups (especially in college), and you sound like a pretty smart guy, so don't give a fuck about what any of the assholes from high school think about you. I wasn't exactly "popular" in high school either, and I turned out great. If you're worried about your breath, carry some Altoids with you, but it's no big deal really. My advice would be forget high school, that's what I did, because some day those dumb shits will be making your sandwiches, bagging your groceries, and cleaning your car.
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    Yeah kids can be bastards...but they are kids, they just want to fit in or be cool so they will pick on someone to impress there peers...
    Ridiculous, yes, but its the way its always been...
    Life changes when you get older, it gets better and you have more control over things.
    As for your family, i would never speak to them again if i were you.
    You shouldnt think about ending your life, that makes things worse and thats a permanent solution for a problem that is solvable.
  4. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    Sorry you had to read that stuff , I don't know what got into me yesterday night... but I am actually very thankful that some one read it. In a wierd way , i feel much lighter now...

    It is true that kids are just kids and they try to promote their own status in the crowd by using degrading others in their own unkind ways. However, the problem arises when the other individual is also a kid, which is usually the case. The adults don't even care. An adult is like a brick wall to you if you are a 12 year old kid and that is exactly the way I still remember them in my memory- Brick walls.

    What we need to do is try to educate people and teach their kids a little sensitivity , a little caring nature... not just to girls but to boy children as well.

    There is so much picking on, bullying and what not in schools that it scars people for a long time. As for me, if I really think about it I got lucky that I did not suffer any physical pain during my middle school and high school years and its a good thing I am not a girl or their may have been sexual exploitation as well by those kids.

    Anyway, the situations could have been alot worser and the only way we can stop these things from happening to other kids is if we try to discipline the children in a positive way... I am not saying that we don't... we do but it should be everywhere or people really do get hurt- psychologically. It is too painful for most to handle.

    As for my family... i can understand why my sister used to abuse me and still has an abusive relation with me.. and i can understand why my mom still uses harsh words...My sister was born when my mom was only 18. So, my mom didn't know how to take care of her and go to college at the same time... and my dad used to work. So, in that stress she used to hit my sister alot in order to make her listen to my mom. But still my mom is not at fault here also, because my mom was abused by her mom.. my mom was born to my grandma when she was only 15 or 16 (around that age) and my grandma used to hit my mom alot. So you get the picture... But the good thing is they will change as they get old. As she gets older and older , my mom will change into a person like my grandma- who used to be so sweet to the kids... I just have to wait for that.

    Anyway, thanks for reading , I feel SO RELIEVED that I actually said it somewhere.
  5. teepi

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    What matters is what YOU do with this...

    You are not what THEY say...YOU are what YOU are.

    What is INSIDE???

    We all have our crosses to bear...but there will be a time when you lay that cross down,stop leaning on it and free yourself.
    They are them,you are you.

    Be YOU.
  6. Jedi

    Jedi Self Banned

    Thats true, we all have to be ourselves, but being ourselves and you are right , life is tough, but I only wish I had as much experience with it as you do! :( sadly life is starting to look tough for me at this point of my life already.
    But thanks for your advice , I guess life will be as we see it...

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