Cannabis information within all religions; to be religious infringement globally.

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    Cannabis information within all religions; to be religious infringement globally.

    Now considering how much trouble some of these clubs and peoples are having. The fact cannabis is being used for medical purpose again as God intended, and as the disciples and Christ used throughout the Bible.

    We feel this is the missing part of our society that it is not holy and this will seriously change matters if made more public again as should be.

    Now Cannabis is not what they call an intoxicant as it joins to the Cannabinoid receptors in the brain as a natural process of nature.

    Now within the anointing oil in the Bible this was officially announced in 1980 by the Hebrew University; yet is observable in any Strong�s concordance or lexicon as the words are the same just not translated i.e. Kaneh bosom.

    This is also the case in the Quran, yet only verified by me, so far yet it is quite clear and similar in the in which the miss translation had been put into the bible as we see.

    As with this being the case the oil in the Bible made correctly and holy!

    Is far better then cannabis alone as most of the other parts also heal and clean the blood supply.

    It does say in Mark in the bible that disciples healed with oil and Christ means anointed one, Christians means anointed ones, not a religion yet a way.

    So instead of these being against us they need informing correctly that it is a holy plant and as such all should be done in accordance as each ingredient is holy in each religious books world wide.

    In Hindu texts it is part of the soma and the ancient anointing oil.

    In the Quran there is the word Zanjabil =ginger and Kafur = Cannabis as the region of Kiefur or Kafur is known for growing cannabis, as was Canna in the bible.

    Also they put henna is sweet and aromatic which it isn�t to taste, yet cannabis is, and they will sit on couches and discuss, it is recorded in the Quran!

    In Shinto it is the holy plant and most items are made of cannabis and hemp, the incense of the ancient also is made with cannabis.

    So in most of these findings it can all be backed up!

    Yet single handily, we are useless alone�

    Yet as people who stand together and remind everyone life is precious and holy, for the sake of our ill and people who suffer.

    If this is allowed back into society and back into being regal as it is the plant of kings as mentioned in the bible yet disguised as it is to anoint.

    It makes a compound when mixed with oils as THC, the active ingredient is fat soluble.

    We found much of this at 12 years old in our own scientific research; we did as of the lies taught in our society and knew subconsciously it was in the religions, so went to research.

    Yet need the university; which wasn�t sure until recently with more research my sister as a neuroscientist did and further research from that and as such it is religious infringement on a global scale that has to stop today.

    And so when in the anointing oil it heals many alignments and this is the meaning of Christians.

    Hope this helps all and please tell everyone as the sooner we stop this fear of cannabis the better it makes us as people on the whole.

    As if Christ�s being kings of the earth are in paranoia, as they don�t realise cannabis is holy then their yolk, will be taken as spoken in Isaiah.

    This is referring our yolk and to our faith and so then our faith drops, if cannabis isn�t taken and given holy!

    This must be intact for it to heal correctly, as the mind is powerful deterrent of illnesses, if given its rightful possession of authority and not closed mindedness to God!

    Thinking they are sinning doing what God intended, this is where it all goes wrong; as you have to smile and laugh which releases a chemical in the mind it produces called dopamine and so producing positive blood cells, so this then healing; it isn�t an experiment and in this is the fault of it not being holy and fun as must be, remembering God as the source of life and light.

    Please copy this and spread it as seeds where it is needed as an explanation
  2. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    It's still illegal, you're still going down if you smoke it and get caught, no matter what holy book it's recorderded in. Killing is recorded in holy books but we don't all do that now do we.

    Religion < --- > Reality

    Wake Up.
  3. MattInVegas

    MattInVegas John Denver Mega-Fan

    Organized Religeon is legal. But it STILL SUCKS.
    After all. Isn't it supposed to be only 1 TRUE God?
    The one that "YOU" put your faith in.
    As for marijuana, God made it and everything for us to use

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