Caning sessions can cure depression?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Maximillian1, Apr 13, 2021.

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    Saw a post years ago about Russian scientists that in a test group used caning as therapy. The subjects were to have a sixty stroke caning once a week for thirty weeks. As most people know pain to one's body will release endorphins in the brain to help numb the effects of pain. This also applies to getting caned they say. The endorphins help relax the body and calm t the mind, so they have a positive effect on the person. The strokes are applied firmly, not full arm swing, but they still have their bottoms welted from the count of the strokes. What's your thoughts? Would this actually work? They claimed it was very effective in drawing people out of deep depression.
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    I don't have depression :confused::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    People get depressed because they see life as not going the way they have planned for it to go. This subject tends to go outside the unwritten boundaries of this group.

    We get depress when we dwell on the past. We get anxiety when we imagine problems in the future. When we do this we ignore whats happening now. If someone is poking a stick at you you can stop them and simply walk away. Then the pain stops.

    But when you are poking the stick at yourself and you don't stop you have a much bigger problem. When you are alone with yourself and feel the pain of depression and or anxiety you are in bad company. If your hand begins slapping you uncontrollably you have a problem. This is the same as depression and anxiety.

    If this is your situation it is time to go inside yourself and reengineer yourself so you can function as you were intended to function. People are their own worst enemy. If you discover a solution outside yourself it will be short lived.

    To start sit quietly and alone for one minute. No phone, music, computer, etc. One minute. Tomorrow make it two minutes, then three then four. This process allows a person to get to know his inner self. When you begin to know your self you will begin to enjoy your own company and the depression and anxiety will begin to drift away.
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    Wondering if anyone would try this for a month? Even if not depressed?

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