Canibus Etiquitte

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by NightShadow, May 23, 2004.

  1. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    Section 1: The Preparations

    Before the smoking can even commence, one should ensure that all participants are already present, and are prepared for the impending indulgence. To begin smoking or preparations before all are present (without proper warning) may result in the disappointment of those who are slightly too late.

    You should always make sure you know who is going to partake beforehand. It is very unkind to leave anyone who may be smoking out of the circle, even if it's unintentional.

    Fine nuggets that lack seeds should never be broken up before being placed into the pipe or bong. Instead, use your fingers or a pair of scissors to snip/pinch off what looks like the proper amount for everyone, leaving behind as much stem as possible. I can't remember the reason for this, but rest assured that it is a common practice among almost all smoking circles.

    If there are any tobacco smokers in the room, ensure that they have put out their cigarettes before the smoking begins. Of course, the smell of burning cannabis is far more inviting than that of tobacco, and it's probably much healthier for a person to only be smoking one thing at a time. Not a very common manner, but one that once adopted in a circle, is almost always observed.

    It's a great idea to establish a rotation pattern among your circle, and observe that rotation each time. For some groups, passing left is law, while others find that right is righteous. This one may be purely optional, but some (such as myself) find a regular, consistent rotation pattern to be comforting.

    Section 2: Before Lighting Up, and Discussion on How One Should Light Up.

    I have had many discussions with my friends on who should get the first greens. This is a manner that is surrounded with much controversy. While most believe it should ALWAYS be the one who provided the cannabis to light first, there are other options as well. The one who loaded the bowl or rolled one up may be expected to take the first, or either of these people in question may give the piece to the person of their preference. One thing to remember, however, is that in the case of smoking in one's house where that person is going out of his way to provide a safe smoking zone, he should be given preference to take the first (if he smokes) or give it to the person of his preference.

    When the time comes to finally spark that sumbitch up, one should always light the bowl from the side, lighting only one small portion of the weed. This is done by placing the flame right alongside the bowl, and sucking the flame right between the bowl and the bud. There are many reasons for this. The first and most apparently obvious is that doing this ensures that everyone in the circle gets to taste the greens. In addition to this, one avoids torching the entire bowl, which can be a waste of the cannabis, and in most cases completely destroys the flavor of the buds. It doesn't end here. Smoking a bowl this way (side to side instead of top to bottom) seems to make the bowl last longer and burn less harshly, which is a benefit for all involved.

    Once all in the circle have tasted the greens (tasty:) then one may smoke the bowl to their discretion, though (like I said above) smoking side to side seems most preferable.

    If the bowl becomes "cherried," or smokes and burns without assistance from the lighter, one should try to hit it before the cherry dies. This is far more economical for the bud as opposed to trying to burn something which is already burning.

    Of course, smoking continues until there is nothing left to consume, which brings us up to our next section.

    Section 3: Disposal

    There is only one real rule here. The person who completes, or "cashes" the bowl should be responsible for the emptying of the ashes into the proper receptacle. If another bowl is to be smoked, then that person should also give the piece to the one that is loading, or of course, offer to load one himself. If another is not to be smoked, the casher should be relied on (if he knows where it goes) to put the piece back where it belongs, or give it to the one who owns it, either is perfectly acceptable.

    After smoking is completed, the one who provided the cannabis should always be thanked, unless that person becomes embarassed or umcomfortable about such things, or are just so damn cool about it in the first place that it doesn't even matter:)

    Section 4: General Observations

    In almost all cases, whomever is providing the home or domicile in which you are smoking should, in most cases, also be prepared to offer his food as the inevitable munchies set in. This isn't a requirement at all, but is a very kind and proper gesture

    Under no circumstances should one spill the bowl, cough through the bowl, or lose what's left in the bowl through any means. Reasons for this are quite obvious, and should go without discussion.

    NEVER, EVER! Spill the bong or bubbler water on the floor. This is a serious smoker faux pas, and that stuff can get stinky REALLY fast. If you do spill, be prepared to be in charge of clean-up.

    Only take as big of a hit as you can handle. It is fully possible (and preferable) to "get off" without the cough. Trying to look like a big man by taking more than you can handle just results in a loud coughing fit, a mushroom cloud of wasted smoke, and may result in the spilling of the bowl (see above).

    If in a car (it's inevitable), the passenger should be prepared to take the wheel if the driver can't smoke and drive at the same time. It's a very good skill to have in the first place, passenger driving. You never know when an emergency might happen:)
  2. socialmachine

    socialmachine Member

    what the fuck man, just smoke the shit who gives a fuck about rules, its just weed, its not some fucking tea party with snooty upper class snobs
  3. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member


    Dude loosen up.. obviously your under a serious amount of insecurity and paranoia or the likes.

    Etiquitte ie. The practices and forms prescribed by social convention.
    not rules, more social morals so to speak. You know what they are? actually prolly not!

    I quote your responce "It's just weed" :eek: you obviously don't respect and enjoy it by saying nonsence like this, sounds more like your using it to hide behind to me.

    I quote you again "its not some fucking tea party with snooty upper class snobs" haha you stupid shit.. please tell me what this is like!
  4. TheFriendlyStranger

    TheFriendlyStranger Maniac Mull Mite

    Rules suck dude, just as long as everybody smokes.
  5. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    Who said anything about rules?.. If you regard morals as rules this might be the case.. Is what you just said not a social moral?.. you just contradicted yourself bro..

    btw i agree, as long as everyone smokes.
  6. ericf

    ericf Member

    It is not rules but these are things that are done so often they might as well be. And when they are not done, somebody might feel they were left out or snubbed.

    My group had a few conventions. Mostly these were to make everyone happy. Examples, if the joint isn't rolled in front of everyone and there is tabacco as well as pot in it, then let people know. Personally I get real ill when I smoke tabacco. They let me know, and I abstain or take real small puffs.

    We also pass to the left, don't smoke cigs until after the weed is done (or during repacking if that happens), and so on. These are just things that are expected. If someone skipped on one of these then another person might feel they got screwed. I would be pissed to take a long hard drag on a joint that is half tabacco (as I would be coughing up a lung and might even puke)... others would be pissed if they expected to be second in line to hit the bowl and someone passed to the right and they suddenly became last.

    It isn't about being legalistic about smoking. It is tradition and comfort. It is just the way you do things.

    Calm down everyone and smoke a bowl... and pass that thing to the left. ;)
  7. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    Someone who can read and understand the post the way it was ment to be... karma+ dude you explained it very very well. :cool:
  8. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    ^^^i agree a hundred percent its just common curtisy like saying please and thank u but these have to do with smoking that all they are just curtisy's not rules
  9. ncsu123

    ncsu123 Member

    I only usally smoke with 3 other people to its pretty easy, and we dont all use the same bong
  10. babynug

    babynug Member

    i think you should just be kind to your friends and share. as long as no one is a jerk everyone should be happy. although, some people 'don't get it' and may need some helpful pointers. i have known people who smoke and don't include anyone, like someone is out to smoke all their stuff. don't hang with them anymore. pass to the LEFT.
  11. HappyVal

    HappyVal Member

    As for making sure that all of the participants are present, I say "you snooze, you loose". If I'm at a party and gonna smoke up a pile of people, I'm sure as hell not gonna run around to everyone there and say "Do you smoke up? I'm getting ready to smoke so meet me in the basement in 20 minutes. If your not there in 20, then I'll make everyone wait until your in the mood to smoke." That's just silly.

    But lack of manners when smoking pot pisses me off. For example: I was at a christmas party for work and asked 4 girls that I work with to join me in a session in the bathroom. They agreed but one of the chicks didn't want to smoke up in the bathroom and suggested that we go outside. Anyway, the little snot refused to smoke anywhere but the middle of a busy street. The rest of us agreed to do this (only to keep the peace), in the meantime, all of the girls invited their boyfriends in on the session (which I didn't really mind, but thought that it would have been nice to OK it with me first). Well, a half hour or so later, the group decided to go out and have their own little session and didn't bother to invite me (or anyone else that smoked them up throughout the night). I thought that this was selfish.
  12. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Hey Night shadow im with you on this one.:D
  13. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Just smoke and quit making it a drawn out inconvienance for yourselves and others.I would not want to smoke at your place and smoke with the list of requirements you have.Share and have fun are the only things to be followed!
  14. socialmachine

    socialmachine Member

    seriously man its fucking lame, and since you obviously know me so much through and through by one measly little post, hey i can make generalizations to you little kid, whats there to respect about weed? its just a fucking plant that gets you stoned its not some fucking mystical freedom tree that every one has to pray to, and i dont give a fuck about your standard of social morals you little snob, oh yes i hide behind weed thats for sure, dick head, and i'll tell you what its like for me to smoke weed, you find a allyway make sure no one see's you go into it if you leave someone else out well boohoo for them and if someones fucking up on the pipe you slap them in the back of the head and when you get done you go and try and get some beers

    Dude loosen up.. obviously your under a serious amount of insecurity and paranoia or the likes.

    Etiquitte ie. The practices and forms prescribed by social convention.
    not rules, more social morals so to speak. You know what they are? actually prolly not!

    I quote your responce "It's just weed" [​IMG] you obviously don't respect and enjoy it by saying nonsence like this, sounds more like your using it to hide behind to me.

    I quote you again "its not some fucking tea party with snooty upper class snobs" haha you stupid shit.. please tell me what this is like!
  15. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    what i meant is like i like the idea of having a ritual when u smoke, but nothing to tight, if it gets to tight fuck it thats just stupid. but when it gets to the point where its like the us government then thats when u need to get new tokin mates
  16. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    Night it seems to me that you didn't even type this. Considering you spelled cannabis differently. You used "canibus" in the title and "cannabis" in the article.
  17. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member

    Well, everybody has their own ideas on how to smoke pot with friends or lovers. I have been smoking a long time, and all I know is that I don't have any hard and fast rules for this except the following couple of things:

    Be kind and generous with your friends with your herb - they will reciprocate in kind if they're worth a shit. When a bud or ladyfriend is down - give em a joint to smoke.

    Be cautions and smart about where/how you smoke - LEO is still an asshole about this - if you live in USA.

    Pass to the left and the right, and accept from the left and the right. With lovers take a giant toke and exhale it into their lungs while kissing them.:D

    That's about it for me. Pretty simple.
  18. Dude chill, hes not setting rules, he just stated what most, if not all smoking circles do, but he put it in writing. Its not like hes trying to make a rule book hes just putting up how Toking ring work, I've been in a bunch of smoking rings and most of the time its my shit, and this is exactly how it works... so chill out don't get all up tight like hes trying to slap rulez on the shit,

    OH, AND how can you say its just a plant !?!??!?!?!? its not just a plant, its a gift from the world, just like sex :D
  19. GreenMan

    GreenMan Member


    Yeah - it's the most wonderous gift from Mother Nature. Next to sex it's one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

    And I also agree, that it's no big deal if there's some ceremony to certain smoke circles. Hey, whatever gets you in so you can all smoke and have fun doing it.:)
  20. NightShadow

    NightShadow Member

    Well I'm glad some people got what i was saying, enjoy your weed be kind to your friends there's never a place for greedyness, socialmachine your not worth the effort!

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