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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by yugogypsy, May 12, 2013.

  1. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    My Partner and I are looking for 2-4 people to join us on our 1 acre micro farm

    You don't have to have experience, but you do need to be willing to learn.
    We do eat "Freegan" occasionally so I hope no one minds that

    If you're coming from the U.S. check and see what paper work you need--even a visitors visa please! My last visitor got turned back at the Anacortes
    Ferry customs office.:(

    We've got a huge garden we're going to expand, we're planning to put in
    more fruit trees, we've got a small horse, and plan to get a fresh batch of chickens and a couple of goats.

    We can, freeze, dehydrate, and smoke cure most of our food, But I
    don't mind cooking vegan or vegetarian

    We've got a trailer, a tiny camper and an older motorhome for living
    spaces right now.:2thumbsup:

    We're both 50-ish but don't feel old.

    Persons any age may apply but no runaways please I don't need the heat.:bobby:

    Please contact me at for more details and if you're planning to come here I need a name, description and some background information. Got to know who my visitors are!:)

  2. chrome_lace

    chrome_lace Guest

    Hi Lois! Just wanted to say hello from Victoria, and post here so I could be reminded to visit your post again and perhaps send an email your way in the future. My family is not looking for this situation right now, but we love to make connections with folks who are awesome, like-minded and situated nearby. Peace! Devon
  3. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    Thanks for the note, keep in touch

  4. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    Let me say this before I have another disaster on my hands---This commune does have rules, the least of which is RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!

    I've just had to remove a potential member as he would not respect me or the fact this is my property:(

    Sorry, but no one half my age is going to yell and scream at me!

    Or slack off on chores to go out with a friend--that is for the end of the work day please.

    This house and property have been here 47 years and need some serious help, not people who are "playing out a fantasy about communes"

    Think twice before you write to because if you aren't seriously committed to gardening, chopping wood, taking your turn cooking meals or washing dishes, this is NOT the place for you, same if you are not willing to learn.

    Yes this is only a 1 acre property, but there is plenty of food growing potential for carnivores, vegetarians, or vegans.

    Also, if you do your share, you don't pay rent, but be warned, internet and music are the only entainments here. Television is a waste of time and money.

    Working off the "farm" is fine, as long as you provide for yourself, anything extra you may need will be provided by the main household

  5. ItchyFeet

    ItchyFeet Member

    Where is this commune located?
  6. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    Vancouver Island , British Columbia. A small rural town named Cobble Hill.

    What is your interest? Please reply to my email address and explain what you are looking for in a commune. We are a 1 acre family farm more than anything with large gardens, a horse and a cat.

    I want people who are respectful, I will not tolerate disrespect. This is my property and I recently had a "child" of 23 tell me how to behave in my own home!

    So please email and tell me about yourself and we will discuss if this is an appropriate place for you

    Thank You
  7. Indy Hippy

    Indy Hippy Zen & Bearded

    Umm yeah my wife and I are interested in something like this, course we are from the U.S. and don't have passports or anything. I've got some questions but I don't know if you'd rather I ask them here or by email. Let me know if you would.
  8. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    Email would be best, you wouldn't be able to come up without passports and I'd suggest getting work visas if you have a skilled trade.

  9. blinkin

    blinkin Senior Member

    actually yugo thats incorrect, any american may cross into canada by land with proof of citizenship, and government photo id,
    what you are thinking is about going into the states, in wich case you will need a passport, and if you are american.. well they will not hold you at the border and refuse you return entry and make you live in canada :) Ive dealt with this issue tons as many americans come up to help with the highway child tribe buses. although crossing into BC is one of the harder borders to cross, you need an address that you are visiting and a return ticket if you are taking the bus, if you are by car... for heavens sake dont tell the border you are going to bum around and live on a commune, you wont get in.

    I hope your farm works well for you guys!!! just a comment on dissrespectfull hippes trying to run you over on your land.. it happens to the best of us sister, more then once ive dealt with similar issues. good luck with this :)
  10. yugogypsy

    yugogypsy Member

    We are needing another helper. Problem this time was personal hygiene and lack of ambition to work.

    Sorry, I won't sit across the dinner table with someone who smells of rank sweat. (put me off my food)

    I have room for 1 person or a couple. Accomodation is a 1975 Fleury motorhome to be used as a bedroom only as it needs some repairs to the plumbing.

    Since my last post we have renovated the bathroom so there is a lovely walk in shower and the other fixtures are all new.

    Having off farm employment at least 2 days a week has become a necessity as our financial situation is rather tight right now. My partner is out delivering the local newspaper as I write this, to bring in some extra dollars.

    We have more renovations to do so basic carpentry skills and a ready hand with a paint brush or roller would be an asset.

    We also need help as my partner has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and tires easily.

    Please reply to for more details.

  11. FritzDaKatx2

    FritzDaKatx2 Vinegar Taster

  12. S&L

    S&L Member

    Mighty good weed out there on VI! Also 4:20 friendly.
    Grow your own, sell surplus, here is your food budget.

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