Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by eirek, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. eirek

    eirek Guest

    Has anyone here been backpacking in the Waterton(Glacier National Park) Park area? I usually go once a year to go on different backpacking trips and it's one of the better parks that I've been to. Also does anyone know of any good places around east texas....and yes of ocurse I know I'll have to travel. Thanks

  2. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    if you want to go backpacking in canada go the willmore wildernerness park in alberta. it just north jasper national park.

    unlike waterton,banff or jasper parks. willmore is not devoloped. theirs no roads no delvolped camp sites, and no tourist crowds. its a buetifull aira and has has somthing like 750km of trails through it.

    teh main accses to it is by Rock lake, wich is about 40km nw of hinton.
    thier are 50lb lake trout in rock lake :)
  3. eirek

    eirek Guest

    Ahhh....Sounds awesome! I'll have to true it this july when I go up again. They do have developed trails right? That I mind going against nature itself, just making sure :)
  4. sonik

    sonik Member

    Going to Glacier in september. Needless to say im quite pumped.

    I've been to alconquin in Ontario. Thats an amazing park.

  5. cousinit

    cousinit Member

    thier are cleared trails, done by volenteer groups but lots of them are unkept and not well marked. if you go you absolutely need topo maps and a good compass. and the ability to use them well. Ive lost the trail in their before

    if you want clear defined trails the national parks are probably better. theirs lots of horse shit on main trails at willmore

    fact is thier all nice parks with hiking trails, a person could spend his hole life hiking the rockeis. but generally the further north you go less people thier will be, and the more wild it is

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