Can You Be To Old For Mushroom Trips ?

Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by TheGreatShoeScam, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. BlackBillBlake

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    I think we all tend to asses things and people according to our subjectivity. Just that I find many people of my age to be somewhat boring and stuck in a rut from which most of them have little chance of emerging.Not all, but probably a majority. Lot's of them are on the alcohol nearly every night. Life is so bad they need to anaesthetize themselves on a daily basis to cope. And drinkers of many years standing are often very much opposed to the use of any other drug, which is slightly hypocritical. Not saying the occasional drink is all bad, but as you age the physical consequences get worse. And it does seem to produce a certain type of somewhat narrow psychology with long term regular use.

    There's a line from an old Dylan song 'he not busy being born is busy dying'. That's a problem as you get older. How to keep life fresh and interesting.
  2. Meliai

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    Research has shown that shrooms can help terminally ill patients find peace with their impending death

    god why cant they just die a miserable, normal death with their veins pumped full of morphine and sunk into a deep depression instead of finding peace at the end of their road with shrooms.

    Stupid old fuck ups
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  3. Short answer... I think so.

    I don't have any proof... that's not what I'm saying.

    I'm saying I don't know if it'd be worth the anxiety, at least for myself. I think back on the times that I've shroomed and what really stands out is the uncomfortable times. The time my extended family ended up being in the house when I came home shrooming, or the time I climbed into a drainage ditch and got really disoriented about how to get home, or whether to go home at all. I followed that thing for about a quarter of a mile I think before I decided it was a terrible idea! I needed to sober myself somehow in order to get my bearings about what to do next. I'm just glad I didn't get lost. Anyway...

    I'm old enough now that most of the time I think all the drugs are behind me; or at least until they become more legal. I'm curious about drug-tourism to a certain extent. I can just picture myself taking e at a cafe in Amsterdam or somewhere and not being able to find my hotel room. :)
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  4. SpacemanSpiff

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    well thats weird...i didnt see anything in the original post about being terminally ill

    sounded to me like the question was regarding recreational drug use

    if you know someone who is terminal and wants to use then i hope youre willing to sit there and possibly help if they have a bad trip....seems like a bad trip or a psychotic episode would be an awful way to leave this world
  5. Meliai

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    Well its not like you take them as you're dying lol. They help with the depression that often accompanies a terminally ill diagnosis. Actually research has shown they help with depression period.

    My point was that they're beneficial at any age for various reasons.

    The line of thinking that doing shrooms as an older person makes one a fuck up is along the same lines as thinking anyone who smokes (or I guess eats/vapes too) marijuana is an unmotivated loser

    Judgey people and your silly categories
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  6. I'minmyunderwear

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    well that just sounds like doing shrooms in the wrong settings. you need to be in a place that will minimize any external stressors for an ideal trip. not in a place where you could get lost, or have to deal with family.
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  7. unfocusedanakin

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    I think a lot of people think of a trip as only "getting fucked up". Therefore once you are old it's immature and pointless. It's the same as getting drunk with some friends on the weekend. It's a college lifestyle that should be grown out of. There is something wrong with you if you can't deal with the world. Something like mushrooms must be the same as a drunk numbing his pain. Personally I think these people were using psychedelics for the wrong reasons.
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  8. Scratched

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    wondering if shrooms and acid are fairly common in Colorado?

    thinking a trip out there may be in my immediate future.

    this would get me away from family and responsibilities.
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  9. BlackBillBlake

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    Definitely the wrong reasons. I think partly the problem is that the war on drugs has led to this situation where all 'drugs' are seen as the same by a lot of people. Maybe if psilocybin becomes more of an accepted medical treatment for things like long term depression and end of life anxiety, attitudes will change over time.
  10. guerillabedlam

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    There is also research, albeit not many sample sizes at this point, which suggests Mushrooms help brain cells form new connections and thus enhance brain activity. That could potentially be useful for all able people who are getting older, granted I realize and respect that Mushrooms are not for everyone, but this also might be particularly beneficial for some people with neural-degenerative diseases.

    But even medicinal benefits aside, it's odd to me that people would think there is a certain age limit to explore one's own consciousness or that this is something to pass judgement about if others want to. I think some of this is because as BlackBillBlake suggests that the war on drugs has tried to lump all drugs together, but perhaps another aspect of this is that many people are actually quite perturbed by consciousness. What I mean by this is that there is something that makes people uneasy about the notion of consciousness being so radically shook just by eating a few Mushrooms, that people want to maintain the notion that the veil of their 'normal' consciousness is somehow much stronger and somehow more inherently genuine. I can understand that to an extent, it took me until exploring Mushrooms to see some of the folly in that way of thinking. :)
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  11. thismoment

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    I ate mushrooms four months after my wife passed away. I was about 70 at the time. The trip was deep and difficult and very helpful in my grief.
  12. Slipikins

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    I think it depends on the person. I personally couldn't imagine it right this second but maybe once my kids are in college and I have the house to myself!
  13. That's where I'm at =D
  14. NoxiousGas

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    Aldous Huxley gave a note to his wife as he was literally dying from cancer, it said "100ugs LSD, I.M." she complied and injected him with LSD as he was dying.

    and yeah, naive comments from someone who has never taken any psychedelics always make me chuckle.
  15. NoxiousGas

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    says the guy who has probably never even smoked weed, let alone taken any psychedelics.

    “LSD is a psychedelic drug which occasionally causes psychotic behavior in people who have NOT taken it.”
    ― Timothy Leary
  16. Irminsul

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    Probably definitely too old if you have to ask if you're too old. [​IMG]
  17. MyShrooms

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    I don't know, ultimately it's your decision, I'd give it a shot.

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