Can you be a hippie and not do drugs?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Ethel, May 19, 2007.

  1. Ethel

    Ethel Member

    Just wondering... :)

    Don't know whether I'd describe myself as a hippie or not, I guess it's about as well-fitting label as I've ever found.

    Anyway, is it possible to be a hippie and belive all that hippies alledgedly believe in - peace and love, sustainable living, caring for Mother Earth and our fellow creatures - and not get even remotely into the drug scene? Or is it a prerequisite to hippiedom? I woulnd't have thought it was but hey, majority rule.

    Coz if it is, I'll quit right now. Drugs are totally not for me - tried a few times, results were ordinary. Not interested in trying again.

    So, can I be a sober hippie? :)

    PSYCHEDELICA MAN The psychman

    of course,you don't have to use drugs to be a hippie :)
  3. Of course sweetie! You can make whatever choice you want to make! Identify with your own definition of "hippie." Just keep it real. Much love :D
  4. ...but I will add: for me personally, some drugs have added to the way I see things and the connections I have with certain philosophies that can be considered pretty hip and alternative. Either way, it's still your choice. Don't do drugs if you feel like the're not for you like you said.
  5. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper


    In my mind, a hippie is simply a person who loves, appreciates, and thinks. Sure, the clothes and music and interests and drugs may go along with that definition, but I don't think such things are necessary.

    I don't do drugs, but yet I suppose I would consider myself to be somewhat of a hippie.
  6. The_Moroccan_Raccoon

    The_Moroccan_Raccoon Senior Member

    You can definitely be a hippy without the drugs...many hippies used drugs...but so did many other people. And many hippies didn't. That's not what it's about. There are other ways to the spiritual peace that hippies were looking for.
    For me anyway, drugs were profoundly important for my spirituality, which definitely affects my philosophies. But hey, Gandhi didn't do drugs and dress like a hippy and try and say his philosophies weren't totally influential to every activism movement since then...So don't worry...drugs are for some people, but not for others. Don't do it because other people do it. Do it because its what you want to do.
    Drugs aren't what defines the movement..its what you do.
    The Beats are remembered for their poetry, the hippies are remembered for their music...both used drugs to expand their consciousness, but as individuals, not the whole group. So of course you can be whatever you want to be without drugs, or clothes or the image.
  7. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Yea, what everyone else said.
  8. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    this is the best response we have ever had to that question, so YAY guys!

    Ethel, of course there were and are sober hippies.
    For some the expansion of consciousness was chemical and others used various disciplines, or a mix of the two.
    socially, it's little different in attitude as social drinkers, maybe yo do on a night and maybe you don't and it certainly does no affect a label placed by someone else.
    (hippie was a somewhat derogatory term for post beatnik freaks. hippie derived from hipster.)
  9. you definitly can. i don't do them, but im definitly not against the use. i use other things like yoga and meditation (im a zen buddhist) to expand my conscientiousness, and it works well. i also love to read to expand my mind and gain new knowledge on subjects i feel strongly about. i also love to write to learn about myself

    exactly, everyone else has written such great things.
  10. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    You can also be a hippie while reading the forum guidelines and searching before posting.
  11. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    No way, the most important rule for hippies is that they can't be sober!
  12. lifelovefun

    lifelovefun Member

    lol - yes. you don't have to do drugs to be a hippie. you just have to let go of everything and just be. drugs can help you do that but they arent required :)
  13. MamaTheLama

    MamaTheLama Too much coffee

    It's like a hybrid hippie :)
    You can be a hippie without doing drugs but sometimes it gets annoying because most of the people you're identifying with do use drugs and well, sometimes you're going to want to do sober things and have no one to do them with.
    Been there, done that on the daily.
    It gets old, but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.
  14. joawesome

    joawesome Member

    I hate when people stereotype hippies like that. I don't do drugs and I don't have sex but I'm a hippie.
  15. hip_peace

    hip_peace Senior Member

    a hippy is to be free
    to live the real freedom
    and to fight for it
    and the most important thing
    is to grow PEACE ! not to grow weed in your backyard
  16. Forget me not

    Forget me not Member

    Being a hippie is all about freedom. People should have the freedom to do drugs if they want. But they should also have the freedom not to do them as well.
    I don't do drugs. It's what you believe in that makes you who you are.
    The truth
    and many other hippie type things.
  17. A.B.E.

    A.B.E. Member

    "Drugs" is such a pharmaceutical term. It makes me think of perscription bottles, and weird chemical concoctions. I hope cannabis isn't thought to be included under the label drugs. I like to think of marijuana as an aromatherapeutic herbal (freshly plucked from your herb garden) natural remedy for stress. (not dope or drugs). It seems like what you call it is what you will get.

    Can you be a hippie and not do drugs.? YES!
    Can you be a hippie and not have smoked marijuana? (A good question)
    I think not.!
    Maybe the original poster should look for another self defining term !
    Don't Hippies always have a peace sign in one hand and a joint in the other.:lol:
  18. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    But that seems like part of the real freedom to me:spliff:
  19. MamaTheLama

    MamaTheLama Too much coffee

    I think that's the requirement for being a pothead.

    Being hippy means being free, and freedom includes the choice to use or not use regardless of the stereotypical behaviors of others.
  20. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    I don't do drugs... often. I would if it were up to me though. See, my boyfriend is very conservative when it comes to drug use. He keeps it to a minimum and because I love him I respect his decision to smoke or whatever you drug of choice is, only once in a while.
    Personally, if I had my complete way (which I am happy with the way things are) I would do more drugs often. More marijuana that is. I think too many other drugs clog your mind while marijuana allows you to expand your mind!
    :spliff:Smoke up

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