Can true love fade away?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by ZenMunchy, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. ZenMunchy

    ZenMunchy Gracious In Defeat

    I will not see my dear love for 2 years. I am 19 and she is 16 and her parents do not like the idea of me. Ive known her for 2 years now. At first even i thought i was to old for her but she is so beautiful inside and out. Ive fallen deeply in love with her. She is so muture for her age tho. age is just a number thats all. The age difference dosent show any more. The older we get to the less were going to tell the difference. but her parents dont want me with her. They havent even givin me a chance for them to get to know me.
    We were just talking on the phone and seeing each other from time to time but they would find out all the time. So insted of herting her parents so much weve decided to not see or talk to each other untill she is 18. It hurts but we think its the right thing to do. I know her parents have cause us both hardship but i todaly respect what there doing for her. There just tring to protect her. How can i be resentfull of that. Well i know its impossible to know exactly whats going on because you dont know the hole story but just please tell me what you thing. I need some reinforseing faith. Thank you~ peace be with you
  2. Ranger

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    I don't really know what to say about your case, but I can tell you that thanks to finding her again here on Hippieforums after fate and circumstances had separated us 28 years ago my love and I have been back in each others arms now for two weeks and are as madly in love as ever or more so! :D

    Good Luck Bro
  3. ZenMunchy

    ZenMunchy Gracious In Defeat

    thanks man thats an amasing story hope you 2 live happily ever after~

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