Can the police get a search warrant from somebody telling the cops you are growing?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Legal and Security Issues' started by Uncle Joe USSR, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hey I wanted to post here with a few questions, I tried legal help forums and asking a lawyer, but none of them wanted to be at all specific on what I was facing. I was hoping you guys might be able to offer me some better help. So anyway let me explain the situation. My friend broke up with his girlfriend who had cheated on him, he said quite a few nasty things to her, and kicked her out of his house. He is growing a couple of plants as well for personal use, and she called the cops, and among other crazy accusations she told them that he was growing weed. The cops came out to his house and questioned him, although they didn't do more than that. That was last night. Now he is very worried, can they get a search warrant from her testimony? If they do get a search warrant, and find the two plants of his plus some weed and paraphernalia, would he be looking at a felony and/or jail time? Or would it just be a misdemeanor type offense?

    Finally, should he be disposing of the plants now? How about the grow equipment, or is that fine? And should he be getting rid of all weed related items, or is that just overkill? A quick response would be appreciated as hes worried they might come back. Thank you.
  2. Aerianne

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    Probably. I say that because someone phoned in a tip to our cops, saying a neighbor had white powder out on the table in front of kids, and they raided that house. They didn't find anything but a couple of seeds. It was a false tip and they tore that house apart anyway.
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    Uncle, I don't know about the USSR.

    I do know that in SC if someone says you are growing, they can come in and search or walk around your house or where ever and look. It's probably all according to your state and local police.
  4. Sorry forgot to ad that he lives in PA. Phew I am glad not SC, that really sucks... atleast they need a warrant for it here. Still he's probably going to ditch the plants, but he's not sure if the weed also needs to go? Would they do anything about that? And is two plants enough to get a felony charge over?
  5. Mike Suicide

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    the cops searched my house recently without a warrant. they were at the house because my roommates gf was going crazy, vandalized the house and threw a guitar thru the front window. When the cops got there they smelled marijuana and said they had to search to see if she was still there and for drugs. They found weed in my room but didn't care and just left it. The person they were looking for already left.
  6. Lynnbrown

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    Again, PA probably has different laws than SC...I hope anyway since SC is about the WORSE state re God's plant. But here, most certainly...even 1 plant is considered to be "manufacturing"...and it can just be a little plant.
    Manufacturing in this state is a felony.

    Mike, apparently you live in a GOOD place! I've known 2 people that now have a "drug charge" on their record because of some seeds found in their car...

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