Can Someone Explain A Possible Premonition I Had?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by justlukeyou, May 27, 2007.

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    About 4 years ago I was just about to leave work to go to lunch. I was talking to a colleague about football (soccer) and when the teams raised was Monaco. Which put the 'thought' into my head about the place of Monaco. As I stopped at the gate in my car and this vision of a helicopter crashing in the sea off Monaco. Because of the Grand Prix held in Monaco each year I have an idea of what Monaco looks like. Anyway when I got home later that day there was a story on the news that 2 British people and died in a helicopter crash in Monaco. I live in England and once in a while I think about this experience. Did I really have a vision or did I happen to hear the news story on a passing radio. I listen to CD's in my car so it couldn't have been from my car radio. It just feels very eerie. Its almost like thinking of an old school friend you haven't seen in years and then two days later you see them whilst out shopping.

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    Lovely place, Edinburgh...been there only once, but I cherish the memory of the walk through town to Edinburgh Castle, and the drive to the nearest loch...(sigh).

    The experience you describe...I just chuckle to myself, because being human is such a joke. Yes, without doubt--the experience you describe is so typical of psychic experience, yet it's plain this is a novelty for you.

    It's also plain you have the capability to carry this ability deeper, if you want to. As the ancient song by Led Zeppelin goes: The piper's calling you to join him. It's entirely up to your whims, and no harm done either way...all roads lead to Rome on the spiritual path.

    Best wishes,

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