Can I show you with something?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by turkey_men, May 29, 2006.

  1. turkey_men

    turkey_men Banned

  2. turkey_men

    turkey_men Banned

  3. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    LOL and your proud to have a 17cm dick lol - you proberly shouldnt be

    I wonder what ruler you used!!!
  4. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    You prefer the woman? What the hell does that mean? Damn, you must be even more bored than me-that's pretty bad.
  5. Edo

    Edo Member

    anyone want to chat, here is my yahoo
  6. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    LOL are we a dating site now then
  7. turkey_men

    turkey_men Banned

  8. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    Maybe you 2 blokes on here aka turkey_man and Edo should hook up

    Why dont you swap addresses and "make love"
  9. lankymidget

    lankymidget Worlds Tallest Dwarf

    Sometimes a thread appears that makes so much little sense that it becomes hilarious every time you read it!

    Bored stiff!

    Was he bored stiff? If so, by who???????? :p

    That cracks me up because he then decides he would prefer a woman...

  10. Hmm, it was 20 cm just earlier in a previous thread.
  11. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    Maybe he has cm mixed with mm then
  12. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    17cm=6.69inches, btw
  13. iliketocum

    iliketocum Member

    at last i know who to turn to when i want cms converting to inches--never got the hang of it:H
  14. denimstar

    denimstar edge of darkness

    Hmmmmmmmm are we talking length or circumference?
  15. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    Just how big is it??? If you can through it over your shoulder...I'm interested.
    If you can hammer a nail into a 2x4...I'm interested.

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