Can I get a woman to force herself upon me?

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by Trioxin, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    I am a 34 year old male. I have something I have always wanted to happen to me: I have always wanted a woman/girl to just force me down on the floor or bed and remove my clothes and straddle my penis and the whole time I would gently be trying to stop her saying to wait and slow down but she would not care and would be frantically kissing me and trying to strip me for intercourse.

    Being a male I could physically restrain her to get her to stop but then the risk of hurting her even by accident could happen then next thing I could get into legal trouble over alleged assault even though she was the one attacking. The law often is weighed more towards the woman these days and next thing I know I would be the one charged with attempted rape.

    I imagine this happening after the girl has been fixated on me for some months and cannot contain herself anymore after a casual date. I would be surprised and confused at her sudden lust for me.

    Has any guys had this happen? from a woman? I want this to happen before I leave this earth, I do know its a rare thing to happen generally as men usually are the sexually dominant ones but I keep thinking if I play my cards right somehow with a woman and get her somehow able to fall for me in a major way I could have this happen to me after a date. If I was able to charm the socks off of her and turn her on subliminally somehow then I would be golden.

    Any advice on how to have this happen? and please spare me the funnyman answers.

  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    i don't think there's a magical way to make this happen unless you pay for the experience or it naturally happens when you least expect it. date a girl with a strong sex drive and it'll happen regularly.
  3. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I have the same fantasy as you - to have a woman force herself on me & strip my clothing off & let her sex drive go wild - but only if I liked her enough to give into her desires & mine.
    Now, where is that woman ?
  4. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    ah shit you think this kind of thing ever really happens? seems rare as hell. Most women want the guy to be the dominant one in this way.
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    My gf likes when i'm dominant sometimes, but sometimes she fucking rapes me. just find an open minded girl :)
  6. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    grrrr jealous :(:(:(
  7. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    cover yourself in chocolate syrup and head over to weight watchers.

    Wait for it.. wait for it.
  8. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    hell no!!!!
  9. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Yeah, I was going to say "probably, if you wrap yourself in bacon".
  10. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    I rather smear my penis in sauce and stick it in a tank full of hungry piranha's.
  11. dark suger

    dark suger Dripping With Sin!

    rape? like with a strapon?
  12. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    I love forcing my guys down, tying them up and having my way with them! It's the only way to have sex for me lol
  13. wiggleworm

    wiggleworm Member

    you can tie me up
  14. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Do you like them facing you or with them face down laying on their stomach as well. You could play with their butt area easier that way.
  15. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    Facing me so I can see their facial expressions in response to what I do to them and so they can see how much I'm enjoying hurting them.
  16. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    Ohh I know I can dear.
  17. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I'd like to watch you place all my steel penis rings on my genital area !
    That would be a huge turn on - just add a bit of lube to them first thou please.
  18. Trioxin

    Trioxin Guest

    hurting them? what kinds of things do you do? damn.
  19. BronyaBabe

    BronyaBabe Member

    Whip them, kick the, squeeze their ribs with my legs, strangle them
  20. Want to impress a Domme? Then just be yourself, but try to learn some etiquette as well. Remember, it isn't always about what you want. =)

    Also, try getting involved in your local kink scene: attend some munches and/or play parties. Put yourself out there! =D Oh, and don't forget to have fun! ^.^

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