can i eat these morning glories

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by chris, May 25, 2004.

  1. chris

    chris Member

    Morning Glory
    Heavenly Blue

    Favorite Climber
    Gauranteed to Grow

    it doesnt say anywhere on it whether its treated or untreated. so i assume its treated. can i just clean a bunch in a bowl of water and soap or something and be alrite eating it? if i eat treated it will i be sick the whole trip? will i throw up? how much would be equivalent to two hits of average acid?

    btw im at erowid right now
    ps i have 4 packs each contianing 1.5g

    can i just eat the seeds plain? i like the taste
  2. chris

    chris Member

    from what i gather
    i cant clean off the coating
    i might as well just eat it and feel abdominal pain
    ill need to eat all my seeds

    will i hallucinate?
  3. gnrm23

    gnrm23 Senior Member

    if the seeds are treated with a fungicide (or other nasty chemicals/pesticides/whatever) you should be able to remove much/most of the added chemical by agitating the seeds in water which has a little bit of detergent added (or, possibly, a few drops of hydrochloric acid (= muriatic acid = swimming pool acid)...)...

    ummm, i think there is a commercially available rinsing solution (rid? rise? something like that...) some folks use to wash their fruits & vegetables...

    remember to rinse very, very well, because detergent residue can mess up your guts pretty well too...
  4. chris

    chris Member

    alrite so i put the seeds in a bowl of water with a bit of detergent, swash em around
    put them in a clean bowl of water rinse them swash them thoroughly
    strain out water
    eat eat eat
  5. chris

    chris Member

    eating them raw after rinsing a few times, the first time with detergent second time with soap third with just water, so used three bowls

    ill post affects
    hopefully rinsing them didnt take off any of the psychoactives

    these taste nasty and i have to eat 6 grams of them! (dont want to ask parents where coffee grinder is if we have one, theyll ask why and i wont have an answer)
  6. chris

    chris Member

    (25 min in)

    i dont think i feel any psychological affects
    my stomach felt a bit bad when i was standing up
    im sitting now and its fine, however if it gets bad ill take pepto bismol
    im watching foreign music videos

    (46 min in)

    dont feel much yet. just smoked half a bowl of pot, to reduce any potential stomach area pain, and bring ont he affects faster (if they even come!)
  7. chris

    chris Member

    1:20 in

    when i close my eyes, i almost get visuals.. like what would normally be faint large colored blotches that happen when ur eyes r closed for a while, right now when i close my eyes for a while they form patterns and move around and go forward and backward and sometimes flash as if my eyelids have a refresh rate

    i can tell they are not real. they are between visual and thought-image i think

    food and music are wonderful

    mind is using lazy logic
  8. chris

    chris Member

    when im standing and with my family (i was making mac and cheese) i feel every dozen or so seconds, a wave of dizziness/disorientation

    when i drift into thought, either it crumbles as its recorded to memory or its logic is crumbled to begin with (verbal thought at least)

    when i close my eyes i ALMOST see visuals.. wierd patterns and images in my mind but not vibrant and not fully there
    TASTE IS SO WONDERFUL! colors are a little more vibrant. eating, lose focus on eating, mush fork onto closed mouth'

    p.s. what terrible mac and cheese i make
  9. chris

    chris Member


    i tried to imagin the world being upside down and i felt so wierd

    why do smiley faces look so wierd for some reason?
    everything looks different\

    i think i see thoughts at a more basic level than before
    like seeing what goes on behind my verbal thoughts and feelings
    the thoughts making my world and perception.. i can see interact.. so wierd
  10. chris

    chris Member

    i love morning glory!
  11. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    Awww, like a baby's first steps.:)
  12. ForestNymphe

    ForestNymphe Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Thanks for sharing your first experience. It was sweet to read. :)
  13. chris

    chris Member

    well i said id post affects, and i recently compiled all of what i wrote about it

    for anyone curious about trying morning glory:

    Ate 6 grams (four packs) of seeds at 4:50

    At 25 minutes in, my stomach was a bit upset. May have been psychological.. Only happened while standing. 45 minutes in, I smoked 2 hits of pot to eliminate any threat of nausea, bring on the affects quicker, and have a better mood for the trip.

    3 hours ten minutes in: Was standing in kitchen making macoroni and cheese. Slight psychological affects. Every few dozen seconds I would get a second of pleasant dizziness/disorientation.

    When I sit down and just think, the thoughts either aren’t recorded into memory correctly or use faulty logic to begin with (or at least non-verbal logic)

    When I close my eyes I almost see visuals. Patterns not fully there, in my mind but stronger than a normal mental image. Dotty, beautiful.

    Ecstatic taste. Ecstatic music. Even better than on pot. I was eating, lost focus on eating, mushed fork onto mouth.

    I tried to imagin the world upside down, and it made me feel really weird. Smiley faces on the computer looked weird.

    I thought I saw thoughts at a more basic level, like seeing what goes on behind my verbal thoughts and feelings, what makes up my thoughts and mood.

    Something I wrote during the trip: Words are dead. Experience is alive. Symbols cannot communicate this meaning nor this trip.

    Music has a greater affect on the body and mood. Music sounds better and is felt through whole body. Food tastes powerful. Colors are vivid, strong, beautiful. Bursts of warm ecstatic electric energy throughout my body. Everything appeared beautiful and vivid. Energy flowing through the body so ecstatic sometimes it causes laughter, sometimes a moment of silent awe.

    Ex-stasis. Experience no longer frozen. Mind experiences pleasure without filters.

    Went to bed at midnight, because I didn’t want to be too tired the next day. I still felt kinda weird the next day. Music and taste are still great through the next day. Whether it lasts even longer, whether its permanent, I don’t know as I’m writing this the day after the trip.
  14. sounds interesting

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