Can anyone help with my dream?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by OceanStar, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. OceanStar

    OceanStar Member

    Hi everyone!

    Last night I had this really weird dream and I had this really weird feeling that it would come true. Sometimes my dreams do come true but I can't see how this would so, I was wondering could it have some meaning? Can anyone help? Anyway have a read below and see what you think... Sorry it's a bit long. [​IMG]

    I was in a large room like a hall which was filled with thousands of people who were there to see this peace and meditation guru. I was with a group of people at the back and we were watching the crowd and laughing at them. Then I got swept away from my group and was left in the middle of crowd. They were singing and swaying to music and I was straining to see the guru who was standing at the front. I could only get glimpses of him so I gave up and started to move and sing along too. I soon got into this weird meditative trance and sat down and closed my eyes. I could hear the guru singing along and I could hear he was getting closer. He came over to me and put his hand on my back and this amazing feeling of peace filled me and I felt kinda weak. His voice made me feel so calm that I just fell slowly to the ground. He was talking to the room but it was really directed to me as he was talking about really personal problems I am having. I opened my eyes but I couldn't move. The guru bent down and went to pick me up but he saw that I flinched. He touched my arm and it was if any walls of resistance in my came down at once. He picked me up carried me to this room, put me on a bed and covered me with a blanket. He left because he told me he had to go back to the crowd. I tried to follow him but I fell to the ground and that's when I woke up...

    So any ideas?

  2. RiverStone

    RiverStone Ancient

    Visions of the future dude. Vibes of the other side man~.....
  3. it almost sounds like you were in "the land of the dead" or something like that. and this guru, or the sorta overseer, saw that you weren't supposed to be there, so he brought you back.
  4. OceanStar

    OceanStar Member

    Yeah maybe. It was a really peaceful dream though.


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