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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by LuMpYtRiChOmEy, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. I pushed every resolution button I could and my pics still got too many kb's inem. Theres gotta be something I could do aint there? -I can post pics at OG no problem. WTF?!
  2. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    i cannot post pics at all
    it seems my cats have been playing with my usb cable and it wont load to my pc anymore.
    i have a program with my camera, wher i can click on filesize and resize pics by percentage
    60 usually works for here
    anysize works on o.g.
    thanks for earlier lumpy, some peoples children.
    dude had nothing in his thread about the cheapest lights
    he was asking about dual spectrums, by sunsystem.
    and knew where to get them.
    go figure, enough said in my book but thank you for being real.
  3. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Lumpy,dont break your camera trying this time,LOL.
  4. b1v2w3

    b1v2w3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    LuMpY let me know if you've got any software on your computer that can manipulate the pics you take off the camera. Like the software that came with the camera? That is the place to get the KBs and other parameters set according to what you want to do with the pics. Be happy to help you along if you tell me what you got.b1
  5. Mud_Hunter

    Mud_Hunter Member

    I use ACDSee ...I just keep sizing until i meet the max. kbs
  6. -Hey Howdy! -I got Arcsoft photoimpressions or something. Its a DXG model 321 3.0 mp camera. -It'd be real cool if anyone knew how to get this joint to post pics but I just cant get it on my own. -I read the directions and everything but they look like they were translated from chinees threw rusian and then to english. -I just cant get it. -They actually warn against accidently injesting the lcd screen, -but they wont tell me how to post a pic. :( -Fukk.... Just as I was about to eat the screen too!
  7. -Shitty FUKIN Hole Man!!! -I think I got it!! -Just an old pic, I just wanna see if I can post it...
  8. I think Im gettin it.
  9. --Hey!! :) -That bud in the right rear corners a LuMpInFuRtER!! ^^^^^^^ -Shit Man! I got it! -This is really great! -Its kinda late but I think Im gonna start a "Lumpy Aero" thread! -Il tryin get alla my shit organized an do a li'l instructional!
  10. ---Damn... -I wanted to post pics here fera long time now! -Im gettin a buzz on now but when the lights come on Im gonna start takin pics so I could get an instructional goin on. -I do a pretty cool li' trick with the aero. I think yous'l like it. --This is where QUALITY meets QUALITY! -You's can ALL have BOTH! :) :) :) !!!!
  11. -Justa bit morra this! :)
  12. --Heres some current pics! -Its SO FUKIN COOL to be able to post pics FINALLY! ---Im gonna post some pics and figure out the best and easiest way to show exactly what I did and alla my methods and teks so whoever wants to, -they can duplicate my results.
  13. ekul le chet

    ekul le chet Member

    good to finally see some pics lumpy!
  14. ---Hey! Thanks alot Ekul le chet! :) -It shure took me long enoughf to figure it out! -I think Im gonna start a thread sometime within the next fyew days. -It'l be allabout my perpetual aero tek! :) ! -I dont see too many Folks doin this so Im figurin most folks will find it interesting. --Till then I guess I'l just take pics and post them so I can get better at it! -I just took these. -I pull one of these root chambers out of my flower room every other week. -I harvest the mature lookin flowers tuesday, -the next are the 4 week olds and so on. -Its clone cuttin day and Im waitin on a pizza rite now, -Im gonna post these pics and read a bit till the pizza gets here and then Im gonna eat it and chill a while but I gotta cut clones a bit later, -I gotta do this in 2 week cycles too! :)
  15. b1v2w3

    b1v2w3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    lumpy, I'm impressed. I think I have acees to your ArcSoft and was goin to check it out and give you tips on how to use it. But you did it!! your second pic in the first upload measured 75x55 pixels and gave you a file size of =/- 5kb. Well, this forum gives you about 95kb per pic. So your second one came in at 400x300 pixels and 44.5 kb and it's good enough size to see detail. and you could still go bigger without exceeding the max kb for upload. so you're doing fine. Now what about that "aero" you're talking about. Whaddaya mean. b1
  16. --Hey Howdy B1! :) -Man! That pizza knoked me on my ass! -Then we had a daudhter,son in law and somma our grandkids over so I didnt cut clones but Im comfortable cutting up until tuesday. -I'l do it tomorow, I got everything layed out, I'l listen to Howard Stern and get high with some weed and coffee and cut some clones. :) ---Thanks for lookin out for me with the pic teck B1! ><>**^^~~ -Annyhow, -about that aero trick, I cut clones off a mom every other week and I root them in 3" net pots directly into gro rocks. -They go into a bubbler for about a month, about 2 weeks root and 2 weeks veg, then I stickem into my flower room. This is where the aero comes in. -My flower room currently has 3 aero root chambers in it and one bubble flusher, I flower the clones in the aero chambers for 5.5 weeks, -then I bubble flushem for a week. -The roots just hang in the chambers, thats the "aero trick". -I mist my flower's roots with nutrient mist every 4 minits with a pump and timer. Its pretty cool, they just hang there, kinda cool lookin! -Il get some pics ofem on here tomorow. -Aeroponics my Brudda! Its some pretty incredible shit! -Aero and good QUALITY chems. -and Perseverance. :) -If you get alla your ducks lined up JUST RITE anyone can grow pretty impressive ammounts of quality weed in a very small amount of space.
  17. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    oh my god lumpy you just made me so happy.
    im so glad to finally be able to see you post pics.
    i kinda feel like i been through the whole bad experience with ya.
    this is like the best news so far this year.
    now im gonna go back to page one and re-live the experience, so i can gawk at those nugs for awhile.
  18. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    nice setup bro
    that's gotta be a lot of work to keep up and running.
    no wonder you are always so busy.
  19. b1v2w3

    b1v2w3 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey Lumpy: great update:great info on your method: guysmiley I think reports a certain amount of dried "net" bud per plant using his dirt grow method which I follow and use as well and wouldn't it be great to compare an average yield of some good strain, grown at about 2 foot tall, via your "aeroway" to his/mine "dirtway".b1
  20. --Hey Howdy B1! :) -Il just start a grow report like you got goin on! -Its early monday morniin now but I take out 4 flowers tomorow(tuesday)and I'l document my harvest. -I'l have a dry weight about 4 days later. -I average between 6 - 8 oz every other week. ><>**^^~~ -Hey TD! --It really dose keep me bizzy! -I adjust my ph 2wice a day, sometimes 3 times -and thats just checkin my ph, I got it pretty comfortable down there now. -We just had a snow storm here last weekend and we felt like we were in a li'l cave or somethin. -It really dose keep ya bizzy, but if ya make sure theres plenty of material to go over(Quality Control), its pretty cool!

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