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Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by zencoyote, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. zencoyote

    zencoyote Member

    Through a few PMs with another member here I've been informed there is NO real CALM set up at Ocala.
    Now I understand why the emergency call last year to get my ass and supplies down there. (I don't know if Hammock Tribe ran a CALM when they hosted)
    Whatever the case may be I'm willing to drop my stubborn independent streak and help set up a CALM/first aid station. Problem is I'm getting old and can't work as hard as I used to. I'LL NEED HELP!!!
    I AM NOT a health care professional. My knowledge is from what my wife (a degreed R.N.) has taught me and some first aid and old medic type training.
    I'd like to see someone more qualified volunteer. An herbalist would be nice.
    It comes down to all of us who gather. Every little bit helps.....
    ....ANY HELP!!! If you can spare as little as a box of band-aids or roll of gauze, help set up tarps, dig the shitter or build the fire pit. Even a kind visit to say howdy. Any help will be treated as a kind blessing.

    imo...This is very important. WE can get it done.
    Happy healthy Family is my desire.

    Any takers????


    Ps....please don't call me a friggin' focalizer.....or for that matter an elder or a hi-ho or a ding dong. Just a brother called Zen who loves his Family.:D
  2. I'd certainly be willing to help out with whatever I can. My knowledge is limited (I know a bit about natural remedies/homeopothy and herbs) but I'm able bodied and like helping people.
  3. I want your heart to be filled with so much freaking love that it pops out of your eyeballs.
  4. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    O-B.S.--Do you ever post ANYTHING that is relevant to the thread's topic???????
  5. zencoyote

    zencoyote Member

    I was looking over the maps and directions and noticed an EMS station inked in red on the "Howdy Folks" map. Does anyone have info on this?

  6. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Flickerfeather might be the one to contact about that, or maybe Dan&Donna....their land is in the OcalaNF. I do recall that the kid I mentioned who got torn up by the red ants was evaced to, I believe someone said a fire station, for his epinephrine shot. Of course, after he got back, folks were tripping over themselves trying to give the CALM folks EpiPens, but no one could find one at the time....I can't remember how or to where WV Bill was evaced after his stroke, but I don't remember a big movie about it, so there probably wasn't any problem.

    Oh, yeah, if you two are on speaking terms, and he's in a good mood, Whistler might be able to tell you something.
  7. Every utterance contains the seeds for further discussion (except, possibly,"Fine").
  8. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    I take that as a "NO".....
  9. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    he did in the cook book, didnt he.... i think so.... pretty sure... idk check it out....
  10. zencoyote

    zencoyote Member

    Sent an e-mail to Flickerfeather...waiting....

    Kinda doesn't matter at this point. I'll be there with my supplies. If a CALM isn't needed I'll set up a boo-boo somewhere. It'll all be good...

  11. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    a C.A.L.M. is setup and running on Site. Supplies are always needed because Hippies DO run barefoot and/or in Sandals..................


    Tradin' Bill
  12. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Bill, is there actually someone with at least a minimum of first aid training staffing this setup? Or is this Donna's Self-Service Brain Surgery Clinic?
  13. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    I didnt or dont think we will ever see Rainbow Hammock Tribe ever on site again. The Private Land Council/Rainbow Death on their land I believe has stopped them entirely. I didnt chat with those that set-up C.A.L.M. but the Normal Ocala Local Doctor's that are there EVERY year are on Site. My Wife is also an ex-Tampa EMT & School bus driver VERY capable of Handling Hurt Kidzzzzz.

    I also watch every year as to who runs out to Play Doctor...........

    More info as I get it.


    Tradin' Bill
  14. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    Actually, we need Lot's of Sage or any antiseptic items. Ton's of Hand Cut's and splinter's this year rather than the "Bare Foot" issue. Kid's in the woods are seeking Sage for ALL cleansing purpose's and very little has arrived.

    Again, Needed are:

    Sage - ALL
    Oil's - Lavender

    Any other's would be a Blessing but that is our Basic needs. The Parking/Bus/A-Camp area is quite large NOW (Only to grow REALLY HUGE in 2 days) & Truly could use Med Folk's in that area since C.A.L.M. is deep in the site.


    Tradin' Bill
  15. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    I am not aware of anyone who fits that description. Closest would be Zeke & Rocky, but I think Rocky's busy being a young wife, or something, and I understand that Zeke has been up to other stuff recently...Perhaps I am misinformed? I've been "out of the loop" for a minute, busy with my own personal bidness...If there are names you do not wish to name in the open, would you PM me?
  16. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    I'm talking about real M.D, D.O. Doctors, Pysch's, etc. I ran into the Sista Dr. in '86 at the Four Corners Winn Dixie when they Called for a Dr. J___ ____ receiving a Healthy $$$ Western Union. We all were shocked when a Cute Hippie Mama whipped out an I.D. and got it. Seen her EVER since at Ocala and Nationals.
    My Mother worked Healthcare thru-out Florida, I did their Computers. We got more than you can imagine on site and I totally have respected their right to keeping un-noticed unless need be. I have invited my Personal Dr's since 1980 to have about half show up at my Trade Blanket.

    Think it was Guitar Steve at ocala one year said: "We ALL would be suprised at some of the Babylon Hats we wear outside the Forest".

    Guitar Steve is on site this year......

    Guess everyone cant be like me.... Out on Jump Street in a frickin' Loin Cloth!!!

    Tradin' Bill
  17. WanderingturnupII

    WanderingturnupII Grouchy Old Fart

    Well, I DO know a few Undercover Medics, MDs, RNs, EMTs, Military Medics, who go to Ocala & The Gathering, but they have made it quite plain to me that they are there to BE ON VACATION, and are NOT to be contacted, unless someone is bleeding by the 5 gallon bucketload. When you say CALM, I am thinking of someone who is willing to attempt to treat a case of "Pine Fever," or clean up, dress, and monitor a foot puncture on some hippie that does not own a pair of shoes, or that makes hirself openly available to do pre-natal exams.

    Would have been REALLY NICE if I had known where your MD was when I found WV Bill after his stroke.

    If I get back to an Ocala gathering, we'll have to compare notes.
  18. TradinBill

    TradinBill Member

    Yes, the same "On Vacation" is true and they are the same "Buckets of Blood" oriented.

    I stand firm again like I said before... I have NOT been to CALM yet. Signs everywhere and I did see some good Bandage wraps. Some Kids looking for sage to "Heal Themselves". I'll be back on site tomorrow for the duration.

    Be glad to introduce ya to some fine Doctors on Site.

    Tradin' Bill
  19. zencoyote

    zencoyote Member

    I just got back from Ocala. I feel blessed having been there and also exhausted and rather pissed at the disrespect I was shown by those who should know better.

    This is a bit difficult for me. I don't like thinking from the point of anger....
    but angry I am and it won't dissipate until the truth is told.

    I arrived 4 days before the real CALM was set up. By the next day I'd met Doc who was setting up a CALM station down in near Phat Kids. The same day John (an EMT) came along and offered his services. He camped near Nic at Nite so he could roam all directions. A young brother volunteered to be a CALM runner. Since Doc was setting a permanent site he was given a good supply of first aid and serious med supplies. John was given what he needed to bolster his supplies.
    I set up a permanent site behind Mamma Puffs' camp. Easy access to Front Gate, Bus Village and all the live aboards. Mamma Puff was gracious enough to allow us to use part of her camp for working on folks and there were enough chairs for making them comfortable if they had to wait. With that and my conversion van (good for those who want private help) we were set pretty well. My van was offered as a CALM vehicle and I spoke to the LEOs and a resource officer about it to get their ok. Pat was notified and while I didn't get a direct word from her the Leos okeyed it. I did do 2 ER runs and was left alone. I spoke to the EMS guys to let them know the present situation and get any instructions from them.
    The Front Gate kitchen made many pots of pine tea and they had a good sized aloe plant on the counter. Soothing for burns and a great poltice for drawing out infection.
    Kickdowns were trickling in and really helped. might wonder why I'm pissed if things were going so well.

    The rest of the story........

    A day or so in (time loses meaning when I gather) along comes a well known focalizer visiting Front Gate. I know the guy so I come and say howdy and we get into a conversation about radios. I own a pair of 5 watt Midland GXT 30mi. radios. Solid radios. He asked if I would let him borrow one of mine for one of his 4watt radios. Beings that John had hit the woods without my spare I agreed. He said his radio was at his camp so he would bring it right back to me.......
    .....three days later I had to drive over to the pay campground to find my radio. After a little searching I was able to get him on the radio....and it went like this,
    Hey, XXXXXXX this is Zen, where's my radio?
    It's in my tent. I haven't used it but I turned it off.
    I'd like to get it back. John could sure use it.
    Well, I'm at Main Meadow and I'm busy. Send down a runner tomorrow to get it.
    WTF...seriously! Someone convince me that wasn't fucking schwag!

    A day or two later I got word that Tradin' Bill had brought in a real EMT with all the equipment and CALM was now set up. OK.....second hand info...not reliable. A trusted runner was dispatched. The reply was that Bill's wife was there and had set up a CALM station. I was told she wanted to meet with me. I was more than happy to do that. I sent word that because of my heart I could only walk so far but was willing to meet anywhere within my range. I never heard another word from anyone over there.

    Doc...I put some trust in Doc. I gave him some advanced medical supplies for the woods. He accepted my offer to officiate his Rainbow wedding and introduced me to his fiance. He was supposed to be running the CALM station near Phat Kids. He was supposed to tell me the time to be at Main Meadow later on. I never saw him again. No word from nothin'! I know he didn't leave the Gathering...runners saw him at Main Meadow and the pay site.
    I did call some folks who have been to Ocala and know of Doc. All I can say is, lesson learned.

    I recieved word from a trusted runner that CALM (I must be chopped liver) wanted all injuries taken to the EMS pickup point at the pay site. That was the opposite of what the EMS guys in the big ass red truck told me. I ignored that one.

    This miserable little gnome was sent to me first thing one morning. They woke me up for this guy. His filthy little hands were covered in open burn wounds and boils. Some were badly infected and pus filled. He had a huge infected burn wound on his stomach oozing pus. All these wounds were covered with band-aids. Nothing more. These had been put on by CALM down in. THIS WAS VERIFIED!!! I spent a long time on this guy!!!!! I drew out over 20cc of pus and blood from this guys stomach wound. That was disgusting!!
    I sent a runner with a note of my outrage and the reply I got was, the CALM guy was tired...we're pretty busy here. It won't happen again.
    That's another WTF!!

    More schwag bullshit ego drama happened but that's for later.

    A personal note....All I care about is how I can serve my family. I would have liked to have met Bill's wife and coordinated things and possibly set up a radio relay to better cover the Gathering. I am more than happy to cooperate with anyone to set up a more efficient CALM system. All one need do is ask.
    On the other hand....I gather as an individual. I will do what I will and harm none. If my cooperation is not want don't get in my way of serving the Family. Don't schwag we. Those who did damned well know better and have lost my trust.
    I have loved and served Family many years now. All I ask is a little respect (and some coffee) nothing more.

    Zen...and that's what I did on MY WINTER VACATION. Gathering as vacation. What a concept!!!!!!:rolleyes:
  20. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    LOL,it wasnt spirit was it??:rolleyes:

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