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    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    Any of you ever seen a UDO? Unidentified Driving Object? If so, where? And if so, did you get a look on any seeable driver? There is all this talk about UFOs, but no talk about UDOs. UDOs are cutters. Meaning, UDOs make sunders out of physical human bodies, in a hit and run rather run and hit.

    I seen a UDO in another way cut asunder a head of a nation. Such a shreddng/treading moon-looking pathway it made across into the current missing of people shown with a great cover.
  2. Sign Related

    Sign Related The Don Killuminati

    I watch a UDO drive (HELL, RIP and SOW) through broadcast function.

    "I watch Iron Nould bust some body IN (broadcast function) the movie. Moment current I want a due X 2: OO!! Foes present 2-thru."--Makaveli the Dawn: Conglomerator

    Even fast food "Drive-Thrus" been a brim-telling sign concerning a UDO drive pathway (even note the pavement grey tone). Hey, I will have spicyfries with that order.

    See how I bring truth down to the ground?

    And I Quote Comparisons To (Too, 2):

    "and no longer touching not the ground"

    "and it cast down some of the host and of the stars to the ground"

    "and it cast down the truth to the ground"

    On top of "it" sits a dot (".") meaning any beam's bullseye target. And in wise count, "it" also symbolizes the X meaning doublecross. And "and" with "it" symbolizes twists, or even sharp, brim curves, of distinction that of a semicolon (";"). I recall being the Pointer (Dotter) concerning the Rainless Comma View Sign long ago when age 9 (lo, word semicolon is 9 letters long. lo, 9th ABC is "I". lo, I is roman numeral "ONE."). LO, SEMICOLONIST I AM. Speaking of beams, lo, I once drove a luxury sports car--and nickname? "Deamer!" And do peep sports. O, and it was a converable. Lo, it was a 325i. And lo, I had a car case pending concerning it. Lo, now it is obviously current that no longer pending is the meaning symbolizing with the very once pending...

    Lo, "Wear sow ever the car case present, their Wheel the Eagles be no longer gathering together."

    ^^I sow comparisons true-telling labyrinths. Eagles meaning what many watch like eagles. Also you know eagles are flyiers. And you know the watch is sport related since it is also an Eagles team. And you know Wheel is brim round the same a bowl is. And you know Wheel got IRON in it. And you know an eagles yellow beek and yellow feet are meaning a cowardly mouth and a cowardly handling/cowardly walking (note: "lest he walk naked" and "lest He walk no longer naking"--Peep the "I" in "H", too). Case and point: Their Wheel the sport watchers--rather sport flyiers be no longer gathering together. A flyier is eqaul with what any broadcast function do--fly a broadcast on air--or even, advertizement is broadcasting's version of flyiers.

    Lo, I'm in Motorcity (Detroit). Hey, I got a secret Automobile coming. You can peep it behind the scenes where the showroom is.

    Call 'em, and tell 'em, that the Patient is D.O.A. (Drive On Arrival). Get it? Arrival is a foe when a wear of sound say "a rival", but you see they get due Driven On. In the "I aint mad at cha" video beginning it is implying some body getting a hit and run. Hint is the ambalance is an automoble. Also note during the hit, Makaveli does what? A tackle move. Ha! See the sport symbolization? Then note the scene where Makaveli does something while unseeable by the part where he had given the guy money out the clear blue in tone (do note he put it down to the ground). Also note the two were coming out of a theater-looking/coliseum-looking building (see the broadcast tone and sport tone? Even a rival may be a sport competitor).

    And a shell is a cast (get it? broadcast, movie cast, sports cast, news cast, etc; and a mold) and a casing (get it? case in every defining kind) and a rounding (get it? around, brimming) and a holding (get it? for temporary protective custody) and a forewear (get it? etc.).

    "Their shell be weeping (and wailing) and gnashing of teeth"

    ^^Ask how can a shell weep... An alive and living shell can experience and express extreme pains. In an egg shell is yellow and clear color yoke symbolizing the cowardly behind the scenes. Well such is the "point" of a shell a case. The whole case and point theme. Eggs explain why birds tesitfy about "the wearing" and "the leaving it with no sense nor way of remembering or recalling it again ever," in 2 tones (egg-obvious and bird body-unobvious). Understand, any kind of being symbolizing the egg know, since eggs become broken, they become broken. But an alive and living, becoming broken is the extreme painful kind when you are the very egg whole except for any being that come (enter) leave (exit) forever more such an egg and any body such an egg produce (yes, the egg, the foe trying playing God, do remix things and place in vioceovers of such an unobvious, diobolical body-production). The Egg, metaphorically, is becoming the foes of the living foe.

    Speaking of sport... Car in a name vs a name which rhyme with Wheel-ers (plus is the name sounding like a metal with iron in it, and is the name sounding like a stealer). "Until I got that THUG LIFE tatted on My chest." One team is a wear of red and white and yellow and black, other team is a wear of black and yellow and red and white and blue. Ask yourself what color is the odd ball and what color is missing? Then remember APACALYPSE. BUT! Remember the reflective device come on sport team hats. Remember the colors. See not the field with the tares and wheat? Hell, see the X? Double Cross Lay Third. What is third? Well the top two things symbolizing third is: Middleman (third party) and WORLD WAR III. You also know here is just III special humans physically. Do note the tares both seeable and hearable. Compare with the original Makaveli disc design tones.

    "Here (the very moment) ye their IV (warnings turning rectification) the pair able of the so-er."

    "Sow shell it (X or beam bullseye or double-cross) be in (sight and sound) the end of this world."

    ^^Plus, you know WHO move by "in" however. Soap operas are a soapdish the same way wrestling, in and out a ring, can go. "The pussies gone leave us you on the ground, bleeding".--Conglomerator. Bleeding the tares.

    Yeah, My Other Cop O and His big as. Yeah, WHO is like the beast, but the beast is as WHO? Whom want 2 enter the room? Hey, a Pointer aint a caser. All you here (the very moment) is the whispers of doom.

    Peep me (non-cowardly) traveling into a far country rather than taking a far journey.

    You seen the ending of the movie Condemned? Get it? He threw off the fucked up wear, and threw it into the chopper with the cowardly guy, then BOOM went the cowardly guy!! Second death worse.

    "WHO no longer calling His own servants"

    ^^I always use a moment-rubber and then burn rubber afterward.

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