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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by xjokux, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. xjokux

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    where do u guys get beads from? im from australia and i have no idea.. been meaning to get some but i cant find a place. any ideas? wanna get rid of my loops thats been staying for months
  2. Caelynn

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    i make alot of beads out of sculpy and fimo :) and i got a ton of wooden ones from my bf. just keep looking, craft stores are sometimes a good place to find them. also online. good luck :)
  3. toothfairy

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    I got a whole coffee jar of large wooden beads from an op shop for $1, just check the hole size before you buy, some can be drilled out a little more if you are careful. I want to make some clay ones as soon as my oven is working again.
  4. lucyinthesky

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    im having a hard time finding cute ones too. I had some plain small wooden beads laying around but they were awfully boring and blah looking in my hair. I went to a huge bead store in town and everything they had were all too small to fit on dreads :( I'll have to keep looking!
    I think it would be cool to start some sort of bead trading thing here.....they can be fairly inexpensive & it's cheap to send them no matter where you're from! Just a though! :)
  5. goatboy1186

    goatboy1186 Visitor

    get some beads from hummblebee... she does awesome work from everything i've seen/heard
  6. FairyKissed

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    beads are hard to find, especially if you have huge dreads like I do! I find a few here and here. I find neat glass ones on tour from vendors in the lots, and sometimes some headshops around here have some. But I have learned to make my own peyote stitches from seed beads. It takes a while to make them, but it is really inexpensive and easy to do. I got instructions off google and make up my own patterns and such. There nice and soft so they don't poke you in the head while your sleeping like glass or wooden ones do!
  7. lunatic_on_the_grass

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    seriously guys, go to michaels or whatever craft store and get some fimo/sculpy.. its so easy and you can make any size/shape/design
  8. hummblebee

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    Thanks for the plug, goatboy, you're a sweetie! :) I don't have any dreadie beads listed for sale on the site... I tend only to make them custom, since it's my feeling that it's a personal enough thing, I want them to match the wearer well. I can make them starting around $10/bead, and up and up from there. How much you tell me you want to spend determines how much time and work I put into it (and as such, to a point it determines the size, style and techniques I employ).

    ...In any case, anyone who's interested just let me know by PM or email (through my website) and I'll be happy to hook you up! :D

    EDIT: it just occurred to me that nowhere does it say what kind of beads I'm talking about! I blow glass, and the glass I work with is borosilicate. So that's what it'd be made of. :tongue:

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