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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Gerva, Jun 3, 2004.

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    President Bush is coming to Italy and tomorrow are bound to thousands and thousands people coming from each part of italy demanding the end of the occupation, death and lies.I´m afraid which something bad is gonna happn.Well..it´s just a feeling..

    The embassy has warned tourist from US saying that tomorrow they´d better stay away from the demonstration..the city has become an entire military area police and controls everywhere and inside the peace movement are some extremist sections ready to do demonstratives acts and not ony that.

    Media will do the rest manipulating as always what wil happen.

    I got a question: how american media are talking about the partecipation of italy troops and italian government in the iraqi "matter"?

    keep protesting!!
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    recently I havent heard anything about the Italian troops or the "coalition". I think Berlesconi (spelling) really sent the troops to get some of that good old American money and some cheap Iraqi oil. thats the only reason. Now that theyve gotten their money from Bush most of the coalition countries are begginning to withdraw alot of there troops I believe. I Think the Bush clan is really close to what they were reaching for and thats the oil. Once they get their hands on it, Bush will be the leader of the free world for four more years and there goes our freedom. sheesh. we cant fight the power. just move up to the hills were its safe.
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    Before I left for Japan, I heard nothing about Italy's participation in the war. I did read that protests would take place when Bush visits Italy.

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