bus trip to Tierra del fuago

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by buffaloroad, Jan 31, 2005.

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    Just bought a used bus and while it is in great shape I'm thinking about an extended journey down through South America. My guess is that leaving in the fall and traveling through until April would be about right. Has anyone had experience driving in S.A? What sort of insurance doc's do you need? Obviously, one needs a passport and money, what else? Visas?

    I was thinking of taking 6 or 8 people along to share expenses. Driving 10k miles is about 1000 gallons of diesel, so $2000 plus another $2000 for tires and repairs. Sleep in bunkbeds and do our own cooking, that sort of thing.

    I lived in Hawaii in the early '90's and my best friend had just bicycled from the east coast of the states to the west coast, Seattle, in fact. He had great stories from that adventure. Well, I need new stories and I'm too old to bike that far......S.A. gets my interest up......

    Feedback appreciated......
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    Every Country you pass through should have all necessary insurance and or documents needed at the border. Proof of ownership or rental agreement is a neccesity.
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    Tierra Del Fiego...

    Awwww...that is going to be some trip!

    Good luck!

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    when are you leaving? Im at spain at the moment, leaving to south america in mid march. Sounds good man.Im a swiss with peruvian nationality so no trouble with visas. E-mail me, im not gonna have access to internet some days so dont think im not interested. Later!
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    I wish I could go on a trip like that. :( Don't have the time or money right now though. Perhaps before I join the Peace Corps.

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