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    Annointed by god, yet appointed by man, to reign-and-rule/command-and-control/own-and-organise communities built-based-and-bound of-by-and-for ignorance, or physically living in the here-and-now, but referring back to the then-and-there, just bum's in robes, keeping ignorance in the capitalist economies alive-and-well, like we live-and-breathe in feudalist societies or just pre-capitalist societies, besides theologians/priests/pastors/preachers/imans, its the same with philosopher's/pseudo-intellectuals/pseudo-academics, journalist's and celebrities/socialites, modern mediaites, sexualites, weirdo beardo's and kinkster's, a emphasis on spiritualism, but pilfer, plunder and pillage materialistically from the dumb-and-docile/dopey-and-dogmatic/needy-and-greedy, the seven deadly sins, more like the seven righteous wins, idealism lost out to realism, the informer's-and-educators, educator's-and-informers and entertainer's, respectively, are all pioneers of profiteering, hard science objectively trumps soft science in "modern", "late", "dependent" and "degenerate", in secular liberal/libertarian/conservative representative democratic capitalist republics or states/governments/public-sector (s) or just the political-legal-economic establishment/apparatus, so the so-called "fourth-estate", which consists of organised religion/philosophy, organised journalism/press/media and the film industry has been supplanted-and-superseded by the so-called "fifth-estate", which includes new age/decentralised-and-devolved religions, decentralised-and-devolved journalism/press/media and the interactive movie/video game industry, notice the emphasis on individualist notions of liberty and white-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities on-and-over blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities, in this cutting-edge, high-tech, fast-paced, cut-throat, top-down, mostly-automating, stream-lined, atomised, divide-and-conquer, hard-ball capitalist economy, market's-and-money aren't interested/caring/woed by morality, no dosage/amount of "coddle culture" is going to promote individuality, liberty, frugality, chastity and humility, you're born with a body, head and brain, but not a mind, so big minds and open minds create smart minds and free minds, which in-turn create free-societies, free-trade, free-markets and free-spirits, with the so-called "four p's", profanity, perversion, pornography and prostitution being indemnible, the latter two less so then the former two, yet social-cultural/socio-cultural conservatism underpinning sexual conservatism, which opposes promiscuity, homosexuality and depending on the culture/collective consciousness, polygamy, both polygyny and polyandry, so the tellings, teachings and trainings, trimmings and the trappings of secularised "white-collar" education trumps religious/philosophical "blue-collar" education, blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities and blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities from other/foreign mainstream (eastern) cultures are particularly backwards-looking, backwards-thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic and ignorant, keep in mind that white-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities from other/foreign mainstream (eastern) cultures are equally backwards-looking, backwards-thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic and ignorant, probably due to how the mainstream culture developed economically, so this centrist liberal/libertarian obsession with race/colour/tone/phenotype/haplogroup/genetics (except in relation to the individual, though vague generalisations and gross simplifications of the collective can be extracted and formulated) is fundamentally erroneous
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    I just skimmed through your post , but I take it you dont care for main stream reg. or thoes that enforce it . You could be like me spiritual and not reg. believe in a supereme being , a soul and an after life , but not part of the dogma of the main stream belief systems .
  3. AMS351996

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    Then why hold to the labels/words/terms/phrases and the symbols?
  4. quark

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    One day I’m going to let you know everything that’s wrong with the shit you’re talking about. I’ll do it through PM of you want. This can’t keep going on (seriously).
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    if the o.p. is talking about harry krishnuts, i love those guys. they're really easy to get alone with once you know their little secret greeting, which isn't really any big deal of a secret.
    but as long as there are idiots who want to harass peace and love, there's no way i'm going to spill it.

    on the other paw, he could be talking about any kind of a formal priesthood of any belief, that has a prescribed ritual uniform. catholics, some buddhists, even, have you seen some of those get ups those evanbellyachal 800clubbers come up with. not to mention kakaka klan hoodies.
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    I've got two more posts, then I'm finished, one in the category, called music and one in the category, called gay, specifically transgender, I'm a spent force/exhausted movement, I have completely-and-wholly totally-and-utterly run-out of topics to post on
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    I'm talking about all organised religion, with an emphasis on organised christianity and with an emphasis on organised islam, but it has an expansive meaning/definition, so organised hinduism, organised sikhism, organised buddhism and organised jainism can be covered by the meaning/definition, marketised/commercialised/merchant-owned-and-organised mainstream mass media and the film industry, but it equally applies to the music industry, its all bull-shit (B.S) and non-sense (N.S) and philosophers today are almost entirely pointless, having next-to-nothing to contribute to the realist-and-materialist, all mental masturbators, god-emperors, hedonist narcissists and philosopher-kings, resoectively, possibly politicians, legislators, jurists, economists, business-people/business-persons and journalists fall within one of those categories
  8. themnax

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    brand name flavors of belief generally share this problem.
    however well intended their origen, and i do respect that with some,
    whatever gods or anything else there are,
    owe nothing to what people try to tell each other.

    i like the idea of creative designs in archtecture which began with the idea of building temples,
    and you know, bringing people together,
    but not as an excuse to set them one group against each other,
    which i don't believe has anything to do with the ideas of where they come from,
    i mean in their beginnings.

    its just politics finding ways to devide people against each other,
    which mostly isn't where the people, the manifestation who started each of them.

    but i don't know why i should care to defend that, because the real experience that doesn't depend on knowledge, doesn't begin and end with what people tell each other.
  9. Okiefreak

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    Thank God/ Jehovah,/ Yahweh/ Jah/ Allah/ the Divine Being/ the Lord/ Deity/ the Oversoul/ the Almighty/ the Great Spirit/ the Creator/ the Universal Life Force/ the Prime Mover/ the Ground of Being, etc., etc.!!!!!
  10. AMS351996

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    Exactly-and-enactly, thank god/jehovah/yahweh/jah/allah/the divine being/the lord/deity/the oversoul/the almighty/the great spirit/the creator/the universal life force/the prime mover/the ground of being/supernatural force/higher power/celestial body/spiritual being
  11. AMS351996

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    I like the concept/theory of creative design of the universe, doesn't make me right, something greater-and-grander/bigger-and-better/older-and-wiser the the mammalian species of humans, who are filled-and-fueled by emotion or opinion's-and-perspectives on-and-over fact's-and-figures, would rather debate subjective reality, then discuss objective fact or negatively react, instead of positively respond
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    Its not in a public thread for nothing! Just reply here (please :p)

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