Discussion in 'Busted!' started by ruca_bobo, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    idk if any of yall will read this i just wanted to get it all out

    wow. so a couple of weeks ago i was at my dads studying for exams and i had this roach left from the other day it was just sitting there begging me to smoke it. so i go outside and toke up (yeah i know that was stupid and careless) and when i get back in my dad smells me and just gives me that "i know what your up to" look. i dont react and just go back to studying wondering if hes gonna say anything. about a week or so later when im back at his house for the summer he tells me he knows i was smoking and of course i cant deny because it was just so obvious. then a couple of days later my sister (who never does anything wrong ever) was looking for something in my room and comes across one of my wooden boxes that has some hidden thing you have to slide to open so of course she was curious and figured it out. she told my dad what she found but didnt show him (it was my only glass pipe and some pills). so that night he asks me if i have anything in my room that i should give him and of course i deny deny deny..but then i got really paranoid and went to my room and got one of my friends to pick it up through the window ahahahaha. and then the next day he asks for it and i told him i was holding on to it for a friend cuz they were scared they were gonna get searched and they came to my window last night to pick it up he still doesnt really believe me..so the next day he puts up an alarm on all the doors and windows....ughhhh. and i cant go to bonnaroo or see my best friend for a while cuz he figures im smokin' with her a lot (and hes right)..so i made a deal with him and said he could just drug test me every week so could still hang out with ppl and i think thats what were gonna do..and my mom doesnt know what happened so that makes it 20 times better . i feel so bad for dissapointing my dad though i really like him..hes pretty kick ass
    anyway summer just started and i get caught...damn i have such bad timing

    ooh and he thinks i just do it to be cool and im really ashamed of myself...but i tried to say something like no i just do it because i dont see why i shouldnt (not that blunt though) and he said he should just send me to rehab so now i just have to sit there and take it when he says that shit

    i might look like a real dumbass for saying this but does alcohol show up in drug tests?

  2. Sezzy

    Sezzy Member

    alcohol will only show up for 8-10 hours on a drug test so give urself a 24 hour break before the test to be sure; and that sux man, sorry to hear it
  3. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    okay thanks man
  4. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    my dad just gave me a hair test...argargarg
  5. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    hair test?

    um.... no offence if i dont believe you but

    hair tests, proper ones are helluva expesnive to do, i thought. and the weed stays there for like, 4 months or something stupid.
  6. Radiohead

    Radiohead Member

    well its expensive because it works
  7. ArmOutsideIn

    ArmOutsideIn Member

    dude, i can't believe your sister ratted on you like that! that really sucks!
    a hair test though? geeeez. that's a little...ridiculous. it is awfully expensive...if you've done weed, meth, cocaine, PCP, or any opiates in the last three months, it'll probably show up. i think anyway, my information may not be entirely accurate, but i'm pretty sure.
    what were the pills you had? if you don't mind my asking.
  8. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    this one goes back to 3 months..and my dad makes a lot of money so it doesnt really make a difference how much the hair test are...

    dont be so quick to doubt :p
  9. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    all ive done (in the last 3 months ;]) is mj and pain pills..and i told him about the pills and ive just been using them for my cramps hahaha so its all good there..as for the pills that were in the box those were meprozine i think..but i never took those..
  10. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    fair do's mate... if so then thats well excessive in my opinion
  11. ruca_bobo

    ruca_bobo Member

    yeh man its insane..luckily ill just be gettin piss test for now on

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