Bubba Kush

Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by inextesie, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. inextesie

    inextesie Give us what ya got

    So I was at my friends house yesterday to buy a dime of some mids, and he pulls out a bag and tells me "Yo, this is bubba kush, 35 a gram" So I asked him if I could smell it, it smelled really fucking good. We packed the bowl twice, but the first hit i took damn, had me higher than I already was. Like, 1 hitta quitta. lol.

    So what do you think of the price? Go for it?
  2. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    35 bucks a gram is pricey as shit even for something that good.

    fuck that, imo, you're gonna get ripped off.
  3. inextesie

    inextesie Give us what ya got

    Well, thats what my friends buying it for, and he's not raising the price for me so he can make money. I dont know, it's good shit though.
  4. Funkateer

    Funkateer To swing on the spiral

    your getting fucked i pay 20 a g for it and its one of the least potent kush's
  5. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    then your friends gettin ripped the fuck off.

    never never never ever pay that much, no matter how good the shit is. if thats your only option, buy something that isn't as high of quality and smoke more, cuz you're both gettin fucked.
  6. inextesie

    inextesie Give us what ya got

    Yeah, thats what I thought, figured I'd post here and find out. Well I'll just buy an 8th of dro.

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