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  1. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    Anyone heard of that serial killer in Witchita,KS who nicknamed himself BTK(bind torture kill)? Me and my family were going to Colorado and had to go through Kansas, we stayed in a nearby hotel...he's about in his 70's or 60's now and last Thursday he left a cereal box full of his victims stuff on an interstate and it's the same interstate we drove on. He doesn't kill anymore but he's trying to communicate with the police and the news station to tip them off that it's him. He's pulling a Jack the Ripper on them, by writing them letters and giving them clues and acting like their best friend. I hope they catch him for the sake of you who live in Witchita.
  2. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    America's Most Wanted has like a 20 minute segmint on him like every week
  3. smilez

    smilez Member

    Yeah, I see that on America's Most Wanted all the time. It really intrigues me!
  4. I live in wichita, it really doesn't concern me. He just needs to turn himself in honestly.
  5. Law and Order SVU did a episode where the guy was copy cattin that guy. It was a really good one. Thats fuckin nuts the guy is out there. I would be watchin my back. But i can be a paronoid kinda guy sometimes
  6. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    ^ i saw that "RDK (rape dismember kill) "

    as for those of you in the area, strap the fuck up, if you dont got a pistol be sure you got a knife.
  7. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    I live in wichita and i hadnt even heard of the guy till he resurficed last may or so. It's kind of scary but the thing is he wants to be caught, he's just making people work to catch him. Every so often he leaves a package somewhere with clues to who he is. It's scary to know he's still out there but I'm not really concerned because he's old and all i have to do is kick him in the hip.....It was funny though because the day the news reported him back pepper spray sold out....People are freaking..
  8. harshhookah

    harshhookah Member

    Honestly I don't think BTK lives in Wichita. I think he lives in one of the surrounding areas. Obviously Wichita Police are not smart enough to catch him.
  9. Jointman69

    Jointman69 High Nigga Pie

    i read this long ass story with all the facts and letters and shit they know about him and his victims...interesting stuff. i think he lives in wichita, he is jsut a very very smart guy.
  10. GoingHome

    GoingHome Further Within

    Horrible shit.

    I wonder how many Serial Killers
    are loose in america today?
  11. Loveminx

    Loveminx Sports Racer

    i think this old guy is scared of dying without the recognition that he killed some ppl and trying to make history. if i were the police, after i find him i would just put him in an institution and not tell ppl who he was. i think that would be a worse punishment than jail.

    if i met that guy on the street and he tried to kill me then i would just beat him with his own cane. stupid geezer.
  12. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    Holy craaaaap, supposidly they have "the" B T K arrested today, his name is Dennis Rader and I'm sure if you watch news channels you will see it all over, they showed a picture of him and he looks like winnie the pooh with brown hair and a creepy smile, later on they will show a picture of him at the time they arrested him yesterday.
  13. jen910

    jen910 Senior Member

    Yeah they got em. Finally. It's real interesting how everything just unfolded like it did. It's scary to think that he could have stood next to me in line at the movies or the store. He was the president of his church and a boy scout leader....just an ordinary kind of guy...scary.
  14. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    I think I uploaded this correctly
    Pic of accused BTK
  15. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I lived in Wichita about 20 yrs. ago, and he killed someone while I was there...I was a single woman living by myself in an apartment complex, and I was FREAKED....I'm so glad they caught the bastard...and I'm not surprised that he seemed like such a normal, "run-of the mill" sort of guy. That is why he was so hard to catch, I believe...he looks like the guy that would deliver your mail, mow your lawn for you if you were sick...very scary. I just read an article about how the people in his church (where, I think, they said he was president of the Board of Directors) reacted...can you imagine knowing this "nice" man for so many yrs., then finding out he was one of the most heinous (sp?) serial killers you had ever heard of?? Gives me the creeps. Like I said, I'm glad they caught the bastard.
  16. They caught Btk just so everyone knows...he has a family and is an active member in church..would could've figured?

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