Brugmansia Angels Trompet

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by Salivrah, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Salivrah

    Salivrah Member


    I had really amazing experiences with Brugmansia, when i took it it grew in a hotel near the place i lived, now i moved and there is nowhere any brugmansia, allso i have no garden or balcony to grow it.

    Has anyone a clue where i could buy it??

    Bye Salivrah
  2. jopiated

    jopiated Member

    I have a bunch of the seeds and the flowers. Do they have any nurseries around where you live? Sometimes it's called Datura.
  3. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

    shit, I got some in my back yard, you can come over and take it. that stuff's bad news.
  4. Jay_Billionz

    Jay_Billionz Member

    I got some of that crap growing everwhere around here.....

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