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    Hello Brookside fans, Good news!

    We are currently doing a Campaign to bring Brookside back to our TV screen's VIA DVD releases.

    We have over 1250 signatures involving Dean Sullivan signature, Billie Clements, and George Christopher.

    We are going to have a interview with BBC Radio Merseyside soon, and were invited to Dean Sullivan's 50th Birthday party. Will post pictures if you want to see them after the 7th june!

    just check it out at if you wish to sign!
    Lee & Dan
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    We got invited to Dean's Party and it was great. Things are happening that we could only ever wish for, Meeting celebs and its just somethink were not used to lol.... We are so happy we came up with our idea the things that happen and new peple we are meeting.

    On the night we manages to speak to Dean himself, Susane Collins, Steven Flecher (who was ste murrey), Phillip who played Tin 'ed and the lad who played Ali Gordon in Brookie aswell as Michael Stark (sinbad) and Racheal who played (Sammy in brookside) And Phil Redmond himself.

    We had about 15 minutes with Phil and his lovely wife talking about our idea, the past and future of Brookside.
    Phil aint been back to the close since the last episode but we hope to arrange somethink with him to meet on the close sometime. Just like we are with Dean and his manager Tony.

    I know they are going to invite us to other events because of what were doing and because we are just fans of Dean. They will be inviting us to locations in the coming weeks to sets around liverpool of the sitcom Dean is going to be doing i dont know if its called Gerry across the Mersey or Terry across the Mersey. But me and Dan should have alot of fun. And we just cant wait.

    We have been recieving contacts from BBC Radio Merseyside, But involving Simon O'Brian, Sadly that idea is out of the window now with him leaving. But were still trying to orgonise somethink with other presenters.

    Also we have been talking to new found Friends on the internet. One called Dave who lives in liverpool at my age, 20, He used to work with Ricky Tomlinson, well still does apparently, But he used to run his Official Website for him. Even though its closed down now i dont know what he does for him now, but i am meeting him soon.Talked to him a few times on the phone and he seems really decent to help out as he knows how to make internet sites etc thats his profession, His Dad belive it or not is best mates with Micheal Stark (Clark), Who as we all know as Sinbad, He has talked with him quite abit about us he said he rememberd us from Deans party and were decent lads, Which is really nice of him. He has gone away to malta for few days i think when he gets back Dave is going to try and get him to sign the Campaign.
    I know Ricky Tomlinson likes our idea alot but he does not want to sign i dont think because of the fall out between him and Phil Redmond sadly back when he was acting as Bobby Grant.

    So now we are at 1490 Signatures. Yeah its not at 2000 which me and dan wanted but i aint been on the internet for a while since i moved house, and really buzy with work and with my Girlfriend having a baby soon. But i can only check and do things on the work computer when my boss aint in, Until i get my broadband in the next 10 days, then i asure you it will go up much quicker.

    But then again we only want to take our time with the Campaign.
    Just like the advice Phil Redmond gave us back at the party as he has plans for the 25th Annaversery next year. Which is great News.

    I have been keeping intouch with Dean sullivan and his manager Tony has let me talk to Dean on 2 occasions which was amazing and i really thank him for giving me the opertunity to talk to someone that is such a big star from the Soap world.

    Also what Phil Redmond said to us is that 'WE COULD BE BROOKSIDE' Whatever he ment by that i do not know, but we will be emailing him soon to ask him some questions anyway.

    And i do remember Phil saying that if somethink comes of Brookside in the future that we would be in it (me and Dan) I was like omg this is such a great night.

    The next news i dont think aint really for me to say, but just incase dont tell anyone i told you just incase it will just mess everythink up lol, Dan was talking to Dean's manager tony and Tony apparently said that he had been talking with Phil Redmond already about 5 spin-off dvd's of Brookside (brookside would return but not as in Brookside close, it would be following each family to see what happend after they left the close i think) Which is the big Successful thing as to what we need to complete our Brookside DVD Campaign.

    We went to Lime Pictures a while back wearing our t-shirts which we got signed by most of Brookside cast and Phil himself, and we ended up geting our picture taken at the Brookside petrol station which is just facing were Bar Brookie used to be. Its still there facing the SU bar thats in hollyoaks but its coverd up.

    Also this Dave lad im meeting soon, well when Dan comes back from his Holiday in France and then my holiday in Spain with work, we will all meet to make layouts for an official Brookside site of our own which will be (its not up yet)unless Phil will let us have his as he still owns it and run it for him i dont know, will keep you informed.

    so you can check out some pictures from the party and out Lime Pictures visit at our Myspace webpage at:

    And dont forget if you wish check out the Campaign webpage at
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    You can listen to me talking about our DVD Campaign on

    also George Christopher who played 'little' Jimmy Corkhill featured on this weeks show.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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