Bright Stars MDMA Synthesis Crystallization Step

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by Pascifier, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Hi everyone!

    First time poster here!
    I'm looking for someone who has done the last step of the synthesis before, and wondering what the proportions of MDMA oil/Xylene+IPA is. A friend of mine has gotten some MDMA oil and now wants me to crystallize it. I've got everything prepped for it, although I would love to know the proportions so that I dont use too little or too much of it.

    Any more tip would be appreciated as this is the first time for me crystallizing MDMA oil!
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    The most important thing is to dry the IPA and Xylene with magnesium sulfate five or six times and use very concentrated hydrochloric acid, any excess water will trap the precipitant. Mix them at a ratio of 1:1.5 That's 1 part IPA to 1.5 parts of Xylene.

    Without knowing how much MDP2P was reduced I can't give an exact volume for the proton transfer solution.

    An approximation is for every 50g of MDP2P use 250ml of the IPA/Xylene.

    The thing about this kind of titration is trying to hit the 5-6 pH with such conc. HCl is like a street sign on the freeway, by to time you see it you've gone past. So take it easy when dripping in the acid, keep checking the pH and soon as it hits the low 7's just let it sit for 5 minutes then test it again. If it hasn't dropped put another drop or two in and let it sit again. Just keep going like this until you see the 6 come up on the meter then stop.

    Set the temperature of the water bath between 60 and 70°C for the vacuum distillation then slowly increase the vacuum until condensate can be seen in the receiving flask. Using a water bath is a safety measure to stop any runaway overheating, if the water boils you know somethings up and 100°C is still within margins. 120°C is the upper limit.

    You know it can be just gassed out of the Xylene?
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    so ammonium nitrate and sodium hydroxide in a flask with hose connector could be used as the gas bottle and hit the xylene and the MDMA HCl will precipiated out which could be collected on filter paper?

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