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  1. Ok folks.
    I have a big question here. I realy need some advice.

    Should I come out of the closet now, or after I get married? lol

    Just kidding.

    On the real side of things, I am wanting to create seedstock.
    I have alot of nice seeds, but do not want to spend another mint when they run out getting them from a seedbank again. So i was thinking.

    I have a particular strain in mind. Can I plant a few seeds from the same strain that came in the pack and simply select a male and a female and polinate?

    Will that give me the same seeds I bought? I do not understand the whole XXY crossed with a XXN thing. I end up with confused as hell. LOL
    Will someone please tell me how to keep a strains seedstock alive?
    I am hearing clone after clone after clone can cause losses. I love seeds anyway. Better and faster.
  2. GuySmiley

    GuySmiley Member

    Yes, it is that simple...... Say you had Northern Berry and you don't want to buy more NB seeds, pick the best looking male NB you have. Pollinate the female NB's with the pollen from the male NB and you will end up with more than enough NB seeds to last quite a while. You will have some bud to smoke too.....
  3. Kick ass!
    Mean G? Tie? any input?
  4. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Its always best to grow out as many as ya can of both strains as to have a variety of each to do some selective breeding,but to answer your question its as easy as that.More variety to chose moms /dads the better the chance of getting filials with specific traits sought.There are alot of specific things that have bearing on being selective in your choices such as highth,fragrence,axial limb patterns,triochome production,taste,the list goes on.The more the merrier.
  5. --Either that or ya can let the breader do alla that and get his seeds, growem out, pick your favorit pheno and clone it forever and have what you desire perpetually. -Youl never loose a strain if ya tend to a mom and keep tacking cuttings off it. -Exact genetic replicas! -Ya cant guarente that with any seeds. -I havent planted a seed in 2 years and sometimes I think of weather Id ever find THIS exact plant in seed again if I ever somehow lost it. -I even have back up moms and even a bonsai mom to make sure I dont loose this clonestock. -Seeds produce brothers and sisters, -clones produce exact genetic coppies, -If ya wanna save a strain, CLONE IT.
  6. London Mod

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    I agree with Lumpy.
    If you have the space to keep a mother then that's the way I would go.
    But a simple answer to your question is yes.
    If you are trying to make female seeds then it gets a bit more complicated.
    Have you tried any of the grow forums. is good but it is so big that you are very likely to be ignored
    or missed or more realistic. is a fantastic site run by growers for growesr
  7. tiedye0420

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    spilled bongwater on the keyboards a few days ago- am finally able to type again....
    personally, think seedbanks should give a deal on breederpacks of fifty and 100 seed count packs.. but it is just not done that way.
    i would suggest if you have a strain you really,really like- then buy two or three packs from that strain to start your breeding program from.

    you will start with a larger genepool to select a beauty of a male from, and should give you various phenotypes to work with.his will insure you doon't decrease desired traits.
    breed all the phenos, including the males.
    he best way to insure a broad genepool would of courseopen pollenate the first bach of seeds. n other words if you have a 12 pack, plant them all and let them all grow- males too- let the males run loose and pollenate all the females.. you wont lose traits this way. then you can selective breed from those to the mom you have now, to keep from losing potency...because too many generations ibl can cause potency loss.
    a fourth gen ibl is berfect for breeding hybrids, but not much else, imho
  8. Thanks guys.

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