Break's finally over!

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Melissa <3's Weed, May 30, 2007.

  1. Finally done my month long break from Mary Jane and any minute now my boy friend is going to pick me up so i can try soome weed cookies.:)
  2. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    congrats. those sound good right about now
  3. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    yummy ive heard that eating pot gets you sooo fucked up
  4. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    i've eaten pot a few times.
    and wow, what a high.
  5. would my eyes get red from eating the cookie? just wondering cause i don't want to get busted
  6. argggg he's taking so long! i can't waiiiit
  7. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    just use some visine or stay hydrated and that'll keep you from getting red eye
  8. ^ alright thanks :)
  9. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    It's mostly just a body high too.

    But yeah, congrats. I have no clue how you lasted a month.
  10. nirmalamaya

    nirmalamaya Member

    awesome! have fun.
  11. Icktongo1

    Icktongo1 Senior Member

    I tried to take a break... I wasn't supposed to smoke yesterday cuz its final exams week for me... And I failed yesterday miserably because it was put in front of my face... and it was some damn good creeper too... But today someone convinced me not to smoke. Im proud of myself. I havn't smoked anything today and don't have anything to smoke. I'ma try not to smoke anything tommorow but friday night. Whoo wee, im gettin some one-hit shit.
  12. ^ haha, sounds awesome
  13. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    if the cookies were made right, your eyes are going to be redder than you've ever seen them ;)
  14. i just got home and wooooowwww i feel so good, i fucking love weed cookies
  15. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    do you feel more fucked up than what you would be if you smoked?
  16. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Man pot cookies are amazing. My buddy tom makes them and you get shit stoned. It hit me 2 hours later then everyone else oddly but I was fucked up all of a sudden
  17. yeah :) i feel like i just smoked like 4 grams but i only ate like 15$ worth
  18. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    Have you been smoking too? That's the way to do it. Smoke and eat:spliff:
  19. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    or eat and smoke. i remember the only time i ate em, i smoked 2 j's right after and only felt the smoking high.
    then about an hour later i was super fucked, and didn't know why.
    then i remembered the cookies :)
  20. well i took like 3 hits

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