Break Your Clock!

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by purpleprincess, Jan 29, 2005.

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    Break your Clock


    The all seeing eye has

    many lanes in which

    you can’t drive down

    unless your clock gets broken.

    Break your clock

    your state of shock

    let your mind unlock

    the inner freedom.

    Here you are a pioneer

    in our parallel nation

    no more ignoration station

    let spiritual flirtation.....

    Interlock like cinder block

    with sediment crustation

    there’s no sin this fascination

    use your own imagination.

    The mind’s lie

    the soul’s eye

    shows you worlds

    in which you’ve never seen before.

    Compensation in exceleration

    infestation with constellation

    revelation like revolution

    make your choice your constitution.

    Visionary truth tells you

    your dreams are really true

    once you’ve broken through my friend

    there’s nothing you can’t do.

    Time is no longer needed

    memory meaningless

    all you need is what you see

    when you’re with this state of bliss.

    To break a clock

    is quite simple actually

    it just comes naturally

    when you go insane.

    Break your clock

    your ship’s at the dock

    Mr. Head of the flock

    say, you can fly like a rock.

    Down down down

    to the evermore

    hypnotic trance

    that you adore.....

    To the land of happy trees

    in the valley on your knees

    harmonica keys in the breeze

    sleep on the grass here, you won’t freeze.
  2. *peace*child*

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    nice poem. if u write a lot of poems you should start a thread to keep them all together. peace and love
  3. Moonjava

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    something tells me you were high when you wrote this? Just wondering cuz these are the kind of poems i would write before i quit doing drugs....
    your poem flows nicely :) good job
  4. purpleprincess

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    Yah. :) I only do good drugs for spiritual and healing reasons.
  5. VanAstral

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    I marked on my calendar (2001)
    the day I took off my watch
    good times ever since
  6. delta9

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    This is one of my favorites of yours, dear :)

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