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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Eugene, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Iraq has three distinct "zones". The Kurds are in the north, the Shia are in the south and the Sunni are in the center.
    These people do not get along by any stretch of the imagination.
    So maybe we should just break the country up, yugoslavia-style. Afterall Iraq as it is presently is based on arbitrary lines the British drew in the sand, so why are we still sticking to that?
    If Iraq stays the way it is there will be a good chance of a civil war, and in the end one group will start oppressing the other again. Why are we willing to risk genocide to keep some completely made-up boundries the same?
  2. Kandahar

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    Because George Bush had to promise that Iraq would remain a single nation, as a condition for Turkey's support during the war.
  3. saffronfrancisburnet

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    hi there

    maybe the usa should ask the people of iraq,who will be
    living there in peace or war.....what they would like to do

    even if it means many different views come into play
    it will inhance the change for the workers to bulid there
    lives again....

    and also in this world of capitalism the west will
    only allow what they want to happen to iraq,so
    maybe its time to change the system ....end the capitalists rule
    of profit................

    i understand the need for peace in such a beautiful world.....
    but this system is wrong for many working class and cultures
    around the look to ending fear
    with a none profit world....

    and also usa and the uk will only deliver a fair result
    in iraq if the iraq people obay them..which again
    is a capitalists they should pull out.
    show a trust in the iraq world...give back their right
    to live with their culture.......

    maybe if we stop the frea of change ,the fear of religion
    the fear of diffewrence,and see the human race
    as a whole are equal.then the world will rest
    one pay for all,one love for all....

    but then again it takes stronge people to believe
    in something as different as peace......

    thats why im socialist......

    love np eace from saff....

    just my views,but they grow and change
    like the huuman race should,without class divide
    and WARS FOR PEACE.........peace its easy

    just stop ........
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    Just a few thoughts

    A Kurdish homeland would be seen with suspicion by many areas of the Middle East. Turkey is bound to complain for a start.

    Shia’s are likely if independent to become very much closer to Iran.

    The Sunni are still likely to hate being partitioned and would aim to cause trouble. They would probably be supported by the Sunni in other areas (and probably the US who wouldn’t want a Iranian dominated Southern Iraq, it was just that possibility that led them into supporting Saddam in the Iraq-Iran war)
  5. Pointbreak

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    The Sunnis would get no oil. So they would be pretty pissed off with that arrangement.

    Besides, its not necessary. Anyone can look at the leading representatives of these groups and see that they are not campaigning on separatist agendas (maybe the kurds, but manageably). I don't see any serious desire or realistic probability of Iraq splitting apart. The tone has been surprisingly moderate. After all sunni extremists did everything they could to spark a civil war, and they failed.
  6. LordInsanity

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    Who are we to decide to break up a country...we have to let things progress without our interfenace
    Turkey has stated they will go to war if the Kurds are given there own country..if there is gonna be a civil war then so be it...we don't command them

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