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    Has anyone seen this film? It was produced in 1985, I think...Very strange...What did you think>

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    As many cinephiles know, this is another gem in the collection made by that wonderful lunatic Terry Giiliam(of Monty Python). Though the film has dark humour and a mind-blowing set/scenario/editing/costumes/sound etc. I wouldn't recommend it for light entertainment. There are clear parallels between the film and George Orwell's monumental novel '1984'. A future society drowned in bureaucracy and paperwork. It is a film well worth seeing. The cameo roles by De Niro is hilarious. Hoskins is ironic. Palin is Palin. The DVD edition has an interesting documentary as well and shows the cold relationship between Terry Gilliam and the originally hired scriptwriter Tom Stoppard(who's a well-respected playwright in the UK). Apparently Terry drove him nuts with his out-of-this-world requests. It'll have you in stitches. Especially Palin being interviewed and taking the piss out of method actors.

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