Brand New Bong!

Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by CubanB, May 7, 2007.

  1. CubanB

    CubanB Member

    Thanks to a lovely check from "the man" I was able to purchase a certain peice that needs no introduction.....
  2. jimi420

    jimi420 Member

    did you buy it used or have you already broken it in qute a bit
  3. CubanB

    CubanB Member

    I bought it used.....needs a good cleaning I know. Either way it is a ROOR and absolutely the nicest peice I shall ever own. [​IMG]
  4. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    How much was it?
  5. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur

    im jealous
  6. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur cut off....but anywho im jealous.....hope it was marked down pretty far from purchase price......just a guess as i don't own a RooR but... there can't be anything like taking the first rip out of a brand spankin new RooR.
  7. DepTh

    DepTh Member

    roor always a good choice
  8. CubanB

    CubanB Member

    My buddy sold it to me for $180 which is great considering it is priced over $300 new along with the ashcatcher which has gotta be around $35-50. Now I'm gonna have to grab a diffuser and a new bowl.
  9. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    it may not need an introduction but it certainly needs a cleaning
  10. snoopdoggg

    snoopdoggg Member

    its not that dirty what r u guys bitchin about? lol

    i thought it looked newish.

    ya, a damn good price cuz i think roor ash catchers are like 100
  11. CubanB

    CubanB Member

    That is what I was thinking. Dirty or not, it is a sick ass ROOR.
  12. skullkidnate

    skullkidnate ナサニエル

    Yea man that is a kick-ass ROOR bong, and that ash catcher just makes life so much better.

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